#Cannes2024 Recap

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. Instagram’s chief, Adam Mosseri, emphasized the importance of share rates in expanding reach, showing a shift towards user engagement over traditional metrics like watch time. 2. Instagram now lets you add notes to your feed posts for close friends and mutual followers to see! Instagram also hints that posts with notes might actually get … Read more

Met Gala Trends On Social

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. Meta is expanding its paid verification service for businesses, now including call support for the top tier subscribers at $350 per month. It is rolling out first in Australia and New Zealand. 2. Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram will prioritize original content in recommendations over reposts, benefiting creators who produce original work. This is … Read more

TikTok Bill Passed, What Now?

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. The US House just passed a bill calling for ByteDance to sell TikTok or else face the dreaded ban hammer! TikTok plans to take the issue to court. *Phew 2. Pay-to-tweet is becoming a thing! This move of Elon is aimed at combating those pesky bots and making sure Twitter is a place for … Read more

Surprise, Pokes Return To Facebook & LinkedIn Adds Games

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. Remember Facebook’s iconic “Poke” feature? It’s making a remarkable comeback igniting a 13x spike in poking activity, with more than 50% of pokes among users aged 18-29. 2. First, TikTok, now Instagram embraces several-minute videos. Some users can upload up to three-minute Reels, offering more space for creativity and deeper engagement with their … Read more

What’s The 50-Part Series On TikTok?

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. LinkedIn is introducing a new algorithm change that could increase the reach of your best posts. The suggested posts will display selected content to hyper-targeted audience for months or even years. 2. Guess who’s the reigning champion of streaming platforms in the US? For consecutive 12 months! Yes, Nielsen just confirmed that it’s none … Read more

Cultural Collision: Taylor Swift’s Effects On Super Bowl

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. TikTok is introducing ‘Sub Space‘ – an exclusive feature where live creators can connect and engage with their subscribers like never before. 2. Creators can now upload videos using the updated Studio app from their camera roll. YouTube is also testing affiliate product tagging and live-stream gift memberships to eligible creators.  3. … Read more

Is TikTok Copying YouTube For Views?

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. Is TikTok competing with YouTube? Well, TikTok is actually encouraging creators to post longer, horizontal videos, aiming to boost their viewership within 72 hours. 2. X has introduced topic tags for groups, so community admins can boost their visibility in related searches. By adding up to 10 relevant tags, you can garner attention … Read more

Instagram 2.0 Is Here 🙌🏻

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. TikTok has made a new update that restricts the ability to search for specific hashtags within its Creative Center tools. 2. Instagram is cooking up something exciting! They’re testing a cool feature where you can create Stories exclusively for your friends. 3. Podcasters can simply upload episodes on YouTube through RSS feeds. These audio gems transform … Read more