TikTok Bill Passed, What Now?

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️

1. The US House just passed a bill calling for ByteDance to sell TikTok or else face the dreaded ban hammer! TikTok plans to take the issue to court. *Phew

2. Pay-to-tweet is becoming a thing! This move of Elon is aimed at combating those pesky bots and making sure Twitter is a place for genuine interaction. 

3. Did you happen to come across the new Meta AI in your profile randomly, too? It’s added to the search bar of each app where you can add prompts like “The Yeti on a beach vacation”.


TikTok finally launched “TikTok Notes” in Australia and Canada. And believe it or not, the app is giving off Pinterest-y vibes and TikTok’s own Lemon8 vibes. Have you given it a try? 

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Decode your brand’s share of voice 🔈

Find the percentage of posts that come from your brand-related hashtags/keywords and that of your competitors. View your social platform distribution, sentiment analysis, and engagement, along with top posts and post timelines. 

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LEGO Social Media Strategy: Constructing On Collabs & Pop Culture

Analysis of LEGO’s social media accounts

Instagram: With 10.3 million followers on Instagram, LEGO has its hands full catering to the steady audience it has on the platform. The brand has a whopping 7,692,575 total engagements here, proving its success with online browsers.

Twitter: LEGO has 1 million followers, less than 1/10th of what it has on Instagram. Yet, this is a huge number, and the brand stays active on the platform with hundreds of weekly tweets and quick replies.

Facebook: LEGO has a more reserved approach to Facebook in terms of post frequency. In the last three months, the brand has posted 87 times.

YouTube: With 1,296 videos posted in the last 3 months and 42 million views in total on them, LEGO’s content marketing strategy on YouTube is decent.

What makes LEGO’s social media strategy successful?

Lego’s social media strategy is simply enthralling. Their creativity in building a replica of the real world with Legos keeps everyone hooked. It also opens up avenues to partner with big-budget movies like Star Wars and stay on top of pop culture trends.

All of these have led them to build a loyal following. Leveraging current themes while promoting education and social change also proves their versatility. From Instagram to YouTube, Lego has found the perfect formula to lure in audiences of all ages. Here’s the detailed breakdown.

👉 Read the full case study

A Musical Marketing Month  🔥

If Coachella wasn’t hyped enough with Lana Del Ray and Billie Eilish’s comeback, Taylor Swift’s album launch captivated us all. Every millennial felt as though they had teleported to the golden era with reels and all posts talking about Coachella, and then Taylor shook up the world by releasing her album with 31-freakin-songs!

And she lived up to her reputation as the marketing queen with easter eggs scattered all over social media. In fact, Instagram gave her an exclusive feature for the ‘Tortured Poet’s Department’ launch countdown, redirecting to Threads.

We couldn’t help but track this absolute madness, and results are just what we live for:

  • Total number of posts shared: 8.4M vs 401.4K
  • Total posts shared at peak hour: 1.89M vs 175K
  • Total impressions: 19.2B vs 1.5B
  • Sentiment Score: 71 vs 59

It was interesting to see that it took Coachella 2 weeks and hundreds of artists and brands to make it a success while an album release from Taylor Swift in 2 days could contribute 5% in the total share of voice. 

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