If you want to start a trend, first you should start trending.

Use account tracking data to measure and grow your social media accounts and spy on competitors.

Social Media Profile Analytics for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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Influencer Analytics and Brand Monitoring for B2C Brands

Measure Performance

Get away from manual post-by-post analysis.

If you really want to see how your social media profiles are performing, you need to measure them over time, this is how we define Social Media Profile Analytics.

This will help you understand what you were doing right when you were getting followers and growing engagement, what kind of posts and campaigns lead to nothing but crickets, and how you can grow over time.

Measure Performance

Grow your engagement

Use Keyhole’s customized recommendations to post at the perfect time, with the perfect content to drive higher engagement with every single post.

Plus, take the guesswork out of it. Let account analytics data help you simplify your decisions.

Grow your engagement

Competitive Analysis

Your accounts or your client’s accounts vs. any and every competitor out there.

Account analysis makes everything immediately clear: who has more followers, more engagement, more share of voice, better sentiment.

Understand who is leading the conversation, and why.

Competitive Analysis

Follower Insights

How can you write good content if you don’t know who it’s for?

Use account tracking to understand who your followers are, and who your competitors’ followers are so that you can start speaking to them in a way that they’ll listen.

Follower Insights - Social Listening

Social Media Profile Tracking, What is It Good For?

We all know by now that lots of followers doesn’t mean true influence. Use account tracking with Keyhole to spy on understand how any influencer is actually performing on social media.

Plus, if you’re already working with influencers, you can use Keyhole to help them grow the engagement of your sponsored content, dig into their followers, and see what else they’re posting about.

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Your brand’s social media platforms are your best tools to grow your brand presence and increase brand awareness in an organic and authentic way.

Use Account Tracking to measure and grow your brand’s online presence and engagement.

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A good way to learn about a person is to dive through their social media.

But, it’s much easier when their social media has been broken down and interpreted for you – showing you exactly what you need to know about them as soon as you need it.

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Put an end to manual legwork once and for all.