Market Research

The Internet Knows a Thing or Two.

And you can access all of it. Use advanced, granular boolean queries, deep filtering, and AI-driven trend analysis and forecasting for advanced market research, and understand any conversation happening online.


You > Your Competition

Stay ahead in any head-to-head competition.

Advanced brand and market queries allow you to listen to every relevant conversation your competition is starting online, and what their audience is saying.

Competitive Analysis

Trends Are Easier To Predict With Machine Learning

Know, first.

Keyhole uses advanced Machine Learning to simplify market research and show you the trends that are starting to form in any topic.

As people start changing their interests and what they are talking about, Keyhole shows you which keywords are starting to gain and lose momentum in any topic.

Trending Topics

Product Research & Development Got Easier

Your favorite product may have been brought to life thanks to Keyhole.

Keyhole’s insights have brought entirely new products, styles, flavors, and trends into the world. Identify what consumers are talking about and asking for over time and take the guesswork out of product development and build the products consumers really want.

Product R&D Market Research

Find your way into the discussions you're not supposed to be a part of.

Everything Gets Better, In (Real) Time

Real-time data and real-time reactions.

As soon as you thought you understood the conversation, it changed.

Now, you can stay ahead of market trends with analytics that always reflect the latest turn in the conversation.

Plus, get a minute-by-minute update of how tone and sentiment are evolving.

Hashtag Analytics Real Time Data

Meet & Greet Your Audience

Or someone else’s.

Get to know the humans behind any conversation and uncover their demographic, what engages them, and what they really want by analyzing the trends in their conversations.

Follower Insights

Choose your Keyhole. Then unlock it.

Instantly discover how people feel about your brand & competitors online.

Save precious hours with tools built to monitor, analyze and inform campaigns.
Real-time actionable data lets you capture and amplify your event.
Who says you can’t buy love? Discover and track the most internet’s most influential influencers.
We all want to know what people say about us when we’re not in the room. Gain deep insights into key trends & conversations happening right now.