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Keyhole’s Influencer Analytics is built for marketers to understand exactly how each influencer is impacting their campaign goals. Start to generate reports with credible data — no more relying on screenshots and praying that the data is accurate and complete.

Keyhole also helps to ensure that you’re working with the right influencers. Identify influencers talking about your industry, analyze their accounts pre-agreement and get the honest truth about their organic performance.

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These Brands Are Awesome at Influencer Tracking

(They also happen to use Keyhole…)

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Find the best influencers for your brand with influencer analytics

Brand fit is essential to a successful influencer collaboration.

With Keyhole, every topic, keyword, brand or hashtag you track will surface the most influential users in the conversation, ranked by most engaging or most followed.

So, the influencers you find are not just popular, they are also highly #relevant in your industry,

Find new influencers

Vet and compare influencers using influencer tracking

Influencer marketing that aligns with your goals.

With keyword and hashtag analytics to surface influencers in your niche. Use profile analytics to identify those with authentic engagement from the ones that boost fake followers.

Easily compare any influencers that you are tracking on Keyhole based on your campaign goals. Layer them to understand share of voice, comparative sentiment, and who is the most engaging.

Compare influencers

An uncomplicated way to track influencer ROI

No marketing effort should go unmeasured.

Measure how each individual influencer is adding to the overall engagement, reach, and impressions that your marketing efforts are driving.

Gather this data in an easy-to-read and easy-to-share dashboard by fetching posts from those specific accounts. And show-off the impact of influencer campaigns with clearly defined metrics.

Measure Performance

Increase transparency and boost performance with influencer analytics

Transparency and collaboration drive better influencer relationships.

Unlock insights about your influencers’ social media accounts with Influencer Tracking. Forget about asking for screenshots, updating spreadsheets or getting partial results.

Use Keyhole’s optimization tips to help influencers improve their post performance. For instance, knowing which posts resonate the most with your audience can maximize your influencers’ impact.

Grow your engagement

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