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Influence Your Influencers.

Use Influencer Analytics to understand exactly how much each influencer is impacting your campaigns and brand goals, and access insights on how to increase their engagement.

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Measure Influence

Easily measure how each individual influencer is adding to the overall engagement, reach, and impressions that your brands, campaigns, and events are driving.

See it all in one easy-to-read and easy-to-share dashboard by only fetching posts from those specific accounts.

Measure Performance

Influence, More

Unlock insights about your influencer’s social media accounts with Keyhole’s Influencer Tracking feature.

Help influencers increase engagement through recommendations on how to optimize posts and posting time and help maximize your influencers’ influence.

Grow your engagement

Compare Influence

Easily compare any influencers that you are tracking on Keyhole, layering them to understand share of voice, comparative sentiment, and who is most engaging.

Compare influencers

New, Relevant Influencers

Every topic, keyword, brand or hashtag you track with Keyhole will show you who the most influential users are in the conversation, ranked by most engaging or most followed.

So the influencers you find are not just popular, they are also highly #relevant.

Find new influencers

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Instantly discover how people feel about your brand & competitors online.

Save precious hours with tools built to monitor, analyze and inform campaigns.
Real-time actionable data lets you capture and amplify your event.
Who says you can’t buy love? Discover and track the most internet’s most influential influencers.
We all want to know what people say about us when we’re not in the room. Gain deep insights into key trends & conversations happening right now.
Life is short and the internet is vast.