Hashtag Analytics for the Entertainment industry

How many mentions does your movie receive right now?

Keyhole helps hundreds of Producers, Studios and Streaming companies track their movies, shows, artists, and compare how they are performing against others.

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Your Show Metrics in Real-Time

Do you know how many people mentioned your show?

You know your show is popular, but you don’t know by how much.

With our Hashtag Tracking capability, we get you the metrics you care about, in real-time!


Movie Trailer Sentiment

Know exactly how people react to your trailer to create a better movie release campaign

  • Do you need to adapt messaging?
  • Do you know everything about your audience?
  • Look at what they are saying and get granular.
Sentiment analysis

Know Which Show People Want

How are you performing vs your competitors?

Track which artist, actor, tv show, movie, album compare with each other, and find how to market what people want.

Competitive Analysis

Create Content That People Love

Compare your content and create better one.

Thanks to Hashtag Tracking comparison and Trending Topics, you will know which content resonates and what are people really looking for.

Trending Topics

NBC Universal

​How NBC Universal uses Keyhole to flag security breaches

Granular Monitoring

Everyone is talking about it, but you only care about part of it.

Use our Boolean search queries and advanced filters to dive deeper into a specific topic.

Boolean queries

Email Reports

24/7 access to live reports, and custom alerts sent right to your inbox. 

From raw data to live trackers and automated PDF exports. 

Fast Reports PDF

Prediction using AI

Haven’t you always wanted to see the future?

Our Machine Learning Tool can accurately predict how the conversation you are tracking will evolve for up to 30 days.


More Features

Hashtag Tracking

Our most powerful tool at Keyhole, used for campaign and brand analytics, research and much more.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand the sentiment around your or up-and-coming content.

Find your Influencers

Engage with the most influential users participating in any online conversation about your Brand.

Team Work

Add new users within your organization to your Keyhole account.

Grow Your Engagement

Account Analytics makes you smarter and helps you drive higher engagement over time.

Data, In Real-Time

All metrics refresh in real-time, ensuring data accuracy.

Life is short and the internet is vast.