LinkedIn analytics

Know How to Make Your Presence Matter with LinkedIn Analytics

Understand how your content is performing, which posts have the most engagement, and what your audience is looking for with LinkedIn Page Analytics.

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Identify Top Posts in Seconds

Understand how your profile is performing, how engaging it is, and how often your posts are getting likes, shares and comments. Plus, unlock posting recommendations to increase engagement.

Find Top Follower Industries

Identify which industries your followers belong to, in order to curate content and posts to them directly with LinkedIn Audience Insights on Keyhole!

Compare Your Brand Accounts

Compare your brand’s LinkedIn account to the rest of your socials to find where you’re receiving the most views, followers, and clicks based on your most engaging content.

Evolve Your Thought Leadership

Identify Follower Company Sizes

Create content specifically for SMBs or Enterprises based on the average company size of your followers. Keep your target audience in the tab and check if you are heading in the right direction. 

Analyze which hashtags brought you the most engagement

Determine which hashtags your audience liked, disliked, and how often you should use them on your posts. Use LinkedIn Hashtag Analytics to know what and how many hashtags you should add.