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Unlock a decade of insights with Keyhole’s Historical Insights. Explore social media’s vast narratives, identify trends, and gain a strategic upper hand.

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Keyhole’s Historical Insights aren’t just about data; they’re your brand’s future playbook.
With deep insights from the past, your strategy evolves from reactive to visionary, taking
your brand from follower to leader.

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Rely on concrete insights, not just memories. Keyhole unlocks online dialogue, offering a full-picture view of what your audience thinks and wants. Discover overlooked patterns, and stay ahead by anticipating market shifts and consumer needs.

Go beyond traditional research

Go beyond conventional research. Historical Reports offer a vital context for forward-thinking strategies. With Keyhole’s Historical Insights, interpret the narrative behind the numbers and make informed & unbiased decisions.

Spot trends across the globe and in your community

Unlock a decade of global and local conversations with Keyhole. Understand market trends worldwide and unique local dynamics, ensuring your brand connects everywhere it matters.

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A Twitter Historical Report compiles all publicly shared posts from a specific Twitter account over a selected period, providing a comprehensive overview of past engagements and trends.

The report includes a detailed timeline of posts, reach, and impressions, along with insights into top posts, influencers, linked domains, and geographic distribution of tweets.

Receive your detailed report within one business day in both PDF and Excel formats.

Pricing starts at $50 USD based on the volume of tweets analyzed.

While there isn’t a trial available for one-time reports, you can view a sample report to understand the comprehensive data and insights Keyhole provides.