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Measure Campaigns & Influencers' Impact with Instagram Analytics

Use Instagram account tracking to monitor your hashtag campaigns, measure your influencers’ ROI, and create client-ready reports to share the results.

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Get Answers to All Your Instagram Analytics Questions

How do I prove my Instagram campaign impact & ROI?

How do I track my hashtags & influencer metrics on Instagram?

How do I save time by automated
data collection?

How do I create insightful reports on time for my clients?

Prove Your Instagram
Campaign ROI

We can help you track all the Instagram metrics you need to prove the impact and ROI of your Instagram campaigns

With Keyhole, collect all the metrics your clients care about: engagement, reach, impressions and every datapoint related to Stories or Reels, then calculate your impact.


Measure Instagram Influencers' Metrics

Compare your Instagram influencers’ metrics, and know who you should rehire for your next campaigns.

With account tracking, we help you capture and analyze the data you need when working with influencers. You will have each influencer’s follower insights, their engagement rate, and much more.

Compare influencers

Improve Your Campaigns on the Fly in Real Time

Our real-time capabilities allow you to course-correct any campaign, especially the ones with influencers.

Boost your influencers’ performance by following their results in real-time, and suggest better strategies & messaging while the campaign is in flight.


Instagram Analytics: Secret to Campaign Success

Track Hashtags on Instagram

Have you ever heard of anyone who doesn’t use hashtags on Instagram? We haven’t either.

Track every important Instagram conversation with our advanced Instagram hashtag analytics tool to understand who’s joining the conversation and what they’re saying.

Track Hashtags

Instagram Stories & Reels Analytics

Uncover all your Instagram Posts, Stories, and Reels data in one dashboard.

know how many people liked, commented, viewed, skipped, and more from your personalized Instagram User Analytics

Unlock Stories

Custom Reports & Live Dashboard

Create client-ready PDFs for your Instagram Analytics Reports, and share real-time dashboards to meet a client’s deadline, every time.