Instagram Analytics

Stories Disappear on Instagram, But Stories Analytics Live on Keyhole.

Understand exactly who or what is driving engagement with in-depth Instagram Analytics that go beyond what you can find on the platform.

Track Any Instagram Business Account

With Keyhole, you can get in-depth Instagram Analytics about any Instagram Business Account, even if you don’t have login information for it.

Get closer to what your competitors are doing right and how their accounts are performing against yours.

Got login access? Even better. Unlock in-depth Stories insights and learn more about your followers.

Track IG business accts

Track Personal Instagram Accounts

Keyhole is one of the only products that tracks Personal Instagram accounts, allowing you to access account and follower insights about any account on Instagram, be it yours, a partner’s or your influencer’s.

Track IG personal accts

It is business, and it is personal

Track Hashtags on Instagram

Have you ever heard of anyone who doesn’t use hashtags on Instagram? We haven’t either.

Track every important Instagram conversation with advanced Instagram hashtag analytics and understand who is joining the conversation and what they’re saying.

Track Hashtags

Instagram Stories Analytics

Rest easy with in-depth Instagram Stories Analytics.

Remember what stories you posted through Stories Analytics: how many people viewed, skipped and exited each one of them.

Unlock Stories

Unlock Sentiment

Whatever people say about your #hashtag, we listen to what else they are saying to understand the sentiment behind their posts.

Sentiment analysis

Do It For The Gram

Track competitors

Being able to track unauthenticated Instagram Business Accounts means you can track any competitor on Instagram, by simply knowing their handle.

Competitive Analysis

Give Your Influencers More Influence

Help all your influencers influence even more by tracking their Instagram accounts on Keyhole.

Unlock recommendations such as best posting time and the perfect number of hashtags.

Then, watch how those specific Instagram accounts are contributing even more engagement to any of your #campaigns.

Grow your engagement
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