Plan and publish in Keyhole

Stop juggling between accounts and platforms. Easily schedule and publish now or upcoming posts for all your channels from one dashboard, at once, from one calendar.

No credit card required

Create posts for each channel, in one big swoop

Publishing content across all platforms doesn’t have to be a chore.
With one dashboard, publishing to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and
Instagram is effortless. 

Publish content across all channels

Easily manage your social media content by scheduling, editing, and publishing content across all platforms from one dashboard. 

Don't miss your optimal post times

Set it and forget it. Maximize your reach by scheduling your posts for the optimal time—set your schedule once and let Keyhole handle the timing for you.

Visualize your whole social media strategy

Keyhole’s calendar gives you a comprehensive overview of your social media strategy. Plan your campaigns in advance and visualize your plan in action, from today’s posts to those months ahead.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Eliminate bottlenecks. Bring your team into a unified workspace where creating, reviewing, and publishing content happens harmoniously—no more email chains or file-sharing hassles.

Hear it from our customers.

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Social media scheduling automates your content posting across platforms, ensuring optimal engagement by reaching your audience at the right times.

Simply upload your content to the Publishing dashboard, customize it for different profiles, select the best times for posting, and hit ‘Schedule.’ Your posts will automatically go live according to your schedule, simplifying your social media strategy.

Keyhole supports content scheduling on major platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn Pages, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Yes, Keyhole allows you to schedule Reels, videos, and Stories on Instagram, enhancing your ability to engage with your audience.

No, there’s no limit to the number of posts, offering you complete flexibility in your content strategy.

Keyhole offers a free plan for publishing and scheduling, allowing you to experience streamlined social media management.

Yes, Keyhole facilitates team collaboration by allowing you to share access to your account securely, ensuring that multiple team members can contribute to and refine your social media campaigns.

Yes, you can easily modify or remove posts scheduled in Keyhole by using the edit and delete options provided in the dashboard.