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Keyhole helps hundreds of non-profits prove their impact through Social Media Analytics and get more sponsors and donors over time.

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Prove your impact to your donors

Get the exact ROI from your Social Media Marketing efforts
and use your results to secure your next round of fundraising.

  • Show your sponsors exactly how much value you provide as a brand partner.
  • Calculate how much interest and awareness your Social Media Marketing has generated.
Hashtag Analytics Real Time Data

Secure more funds

Let us find the people supporting your cause and helping our planet.

Social listening helps you see all the people talking about your cause, your nonprofit, your peers, your advocates, and your ambassadors. Use Keyhole to grow your donor pool and increase engagement with your cause.

Grow your engagement

Find ambassadors you didn't know you had

Psst… there are big names behind your cause! We help you find supporters you didn’t even know you had.

We love it when nonprofits find influencers and celebrities out there already excited about their cause. Use Keyhole to easy find them and engage with them month after month.


Watch your nonprofit grow over time

Watch and prove the growing impact and awareness your nonprofit is creating over the years.

Your company today vs. Your company last week/month/year:

  • Are your campaigns reaching more people?
  • Do you have more followers? Why?

We’ll give you all the insights you need to figure it out.

Measure Performance

Get all metrics for your social campaigns

How many people are engaging with your cause on Social Media?

Whether you’re running a campaign or monitoring your organization month after month, you will get* metrics such as:

  • Engagement
  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • + many more

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*depending on platforms.

Sentiment analysis
At Keyhole, we care about 
your cause
the people you help
your values
proving your impact

More Features

Hashtag Tracking

Our most powerful tool at Keyhole, used for campaign and brand analytics, research and much more.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand the sentiment around your cause. Then prove it to your brand partners.

New Ambassadors

Engage with the most influential users participating in any online conversation about your organization.

Quick Reports

Need to share an updated report with a sponsor? You can share your social impact metrics in seconds.

Advanced Trend Analysis

People talk about specific causes when they talk about yours. Uncover those and combine forces to increase your reach.

Predict Success

Keyhole uses Machine Learning to predict how your campaign or hashtag will perform online.

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