Hashtag Analytics

Accurate metrics and real-time reports for hashtags

Measure your hashtag’s performance, prove your campaign’s impact & ROI, and generate client-ready reports for all your social media campaigns.

No credit card required


Accurate Campaign Metrics in Real-time

Get real-time data from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on all the hashtags you’re tracking.

Improve your campaign along the way as you see what’s working and what’s not before it’s too late.

Hashtag Analytics Real Time Data

Measure Your Influencers' Impact

See who’s having the biggest impact, and immediately engage the ones who are underperforming.

Who are your best influencers, and who isn’t in compliance? Which one would you hire again for your next campaign? Get all your answers through Influencer Hashtag Analytics.

Compare influencers

Customizable Reports with a Shareable Dashboard

Clients want to know what’s working or not, in real-time.

Share your campaign’s live dashboard with clients and colleagues (no login required), and create Custom PDF Reports to share your results.


Instagram Hashtag Tracking

Prove your impact you’re having on Instagram.

Calculate your hashtag’s ROI, especially if you’ve hired Influencers to use them.


Get Historical Data from Hashtags

Forgot to track a previous hashtag campaign or need a last-minute report?

Don’t lose clients because of missing data. Our self-serve historical reports will save your day and keep clients happy. Try it now!

Historical data for Twitter

Hashtag Analytics for Social Campaigns

Campaign Monitoring

Track your hashtags for your Social Campaigns and collect all metrics

Hashtag Analytics
for Social Media Campaigns

Influencer Marketing Analytics

Measure all your influencers’ metrics and ROI using your campaign’s Hashtags

Hashtag Analytics
for Influencer Campaigns

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