Hashtag Tracking and Hashtag Analytics

Hashtags are so powerful they took down tic-tac-toe.

Keyhole is #1 in the world for hashtag tracking and hashtag analytics, discover why.


Data, In Real-Time

Things go from 0 to 100 really quickly online.

And Keyhole’s real-time hashtag tracking product collects every single post and mention of your hashtag as they happen, automatically updating engagement and reach metrics and in-depth analytics so your data is always accurate and ready to go.

Real Time data

Predict The Future (Of Your Hashtag)

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do use artificial intelligence to tell you how your hashtag will perform.

Keyhole is the only hashtag tracking product that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict how hashtags are likely to perform in the next day, week and month.

This means that we help you predict the amount of engagement, reach and impressions it will get before it does so you can course-correct to reach your goal and know when you’re on track.


Fast Reports, Happy Clients

Do you know who loves knowing how their campaigns are performing in real-time? Clients.

Keep clients in the loop without any hassle. Shareable real-time dashboard links means your client can dive into their hashtag analytics at any time, and unlimited PDF and CSV reports are always a single click and seconds away.

Fast Reports PDF

Basic to Boolean Queries

You can be basic, if you want.

With Keyhole, tracking a hashtag is as simple as entering your hashtag into text box and clicking ‘go’.

Or, you can get as granular as you can imagine, setting up advanced boolean queries and using our deep filtering system to find only the exact conversations you care about.

Boolean queries

More Hashtags, More Engagement

No, this is not a best-practice blog.

Every time you track a hashtag with Keyhole, we will show you a word cloud of the other hashtags that people use alongside it in their posts. This way, you can discover and use other relevant hashtags to tap into new audiences.

Hashtag Analytics Wordcloud

Hashtag Analytics For Every Use Case

The best way to know how your campaigns are performing is with hashtag analytics.

Capture everything your social and ad platform can’t, and capture paid, owned and earned media. Every time people use your campaign hashtag organically, you will know about it, and how they’re using it.

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How do you prove the exponential impact of your event online? With hashtags.

Measure how many attendees were excited enough to share your event with their friends online, and how many people your message is actually reaching.

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Track your hashtag, track your brand.

Keep up with how your brand hashtags are being used and learn how your customers are feeling about your brand at any given time. Plus, simplify product or service research and development by simply seeing what people are saying over time, and giving the customers what they want.

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Want to see how influential your influencers are?

Use Keyhole to measure how any number of influencers are adding to your campaign, and whether they’re delivering your marketing goals. Or, if you need an influencer, hashtag tracking with Keyhole will help you find one. We uncover the most engaging users that are using any hashtag, so that you can go straight to the source of the most influential person in any conversation.

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From #Seflies to #ClimateChange

From everyday conversations to social movements. Most of the conversations bringing people together are happening online and being anchored with hashtags. Learn all about them, as they happen.

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Life is short and the internet is vast.