Real-time hashtag and keyword tracking

Prove Your Social Media Impact & ROI

Find and analyze any conversation with keyword or hashtag tracking to measure your social impact with real-time data.

Generate and share reports for all your social media campaigns and social channels in seconds. Demonstrate the direct impact that your social media efforts have on your brand and business.

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Make data-driven decisions to save time, money and efforts

Get accurate campaign data from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with accurate hashtag tracking.

Don’t waste time and resources on what isn’t working. Improve your campaign along the way analyzing performance data in real time.

Hashtag Analytics Real Time Data

Measure and Report Your Influencers' Real Impact

Find and vet the influencers with the biggest impact within your industry: authentic engagement.

Get answers to the biggest influencer marketing questions: Who are your best influencers, and who could use optimization tips? Who are their audiences? Which one would you hire again for your next campaign?

Compare all your influencers and ambassador accounts in one dashboard and get as granular as you’d like with Influencer marketing & Hashtag Tracking.

Compare influencers

Show how valuable your work is to clients and teammates

Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to demonstrate how important social media impacts the bottom line.

Create customizable PDF reports that even the socia media laggards will appreciate.

Share your campaign’s live dashboard with clients and colleagues (no login required) and have them witness your impact in real time.

Custom_reports - Social Media Analytics - Keyhole

Get Keyword and Hashtag Analytics Instantly

Dive into any conversation and trend online within seconds.

QuickTrends allows you to get a high-level overview of a topic across social and the web in seconds as far back as 6 months.

Keyword Analytics QuickTrends

Don't lose clients because of missing data

Forgot to track a previous hashtag campaign or need a last-minute report?

Historical data is a real life-saver. Our self-serve historical reports will save your day and keep clients happy. Try it now!

Historical data for Twitter

Choose your Keyhole. Then unlock it.

Instantly discover how people feel bout your brand & competitors online.

Who says you can’t buy love? Discover and track the internet’s most influential influencers.

Gain deep insights into key trends & conversations happening around your industry right now.

Real-time actionable data lets you capture and amplify your event.
Save precious hours with tools built to monitor, analyze and inform campaigns.

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