Event Monitoring

Hashtag analytics and social media monitoring for events

Keyhole captures every meaningful moment of your event while you’re busy living it,
giving you access to real-time data that helps you easily amplify your event as it runs.

Market to your Audience in Real-Time

Want to maximize your event’s reach? We make it easier. Keyhole cuts through the noise and identifies top influential users and content that mention your event in real-time. Then, easily share content or engage with important conversations when it has the most impact.
Real-time Influencer Engagement

Prove the Real Impact of Your Event

Far beyond your list of attendees, your event reaches every person who engages with social media and online content created about your event. Use the impressive metrics behind your event’s social media and online reach to prove it’s real impact to sponsors and supporters.

Event Monitoring Metrics
Event Monitoring - Metrics

Capture Every Moment, No Matter How Busy You Are

Busy running your event? We accurately capture all posts and user generated content about your event in real time so you don’t have to keep up with every detail while your event is running.
Event Social Media Wall

Connect Your Audience By Streaming Your Media Wall

Jumbotron and mobile-app ready. Help your attendees connect with each other and share experiences by live-streaming their social media posts during your event. Keyhole’s beautifully simple, easy-to-moderate Media Wall allows your audience to share and connect on any screen.

Share Live Results

Are your event sponsors curious about the numbers? With Keyhole, you can give them and your team at home access to seeing live stats from your event 24/7 through live, shareable and customizable dashboards and reports. Plus, our intuitive and beautifully simple design is easy for anyone to understand.
Visually Simple and Comprehensive Reports

#Event Monitoring Made Beautifully Simple

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