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Keyhole helps B2C companies raise awareness, grow their customer base, and engage with their community using Influencer Marketing and Social Listening.

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Influencer Analytics and Brand Monitoring for B2C Brands

These brands influence their customers on social.

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Get your brand in front of new target markets

Get actionable recommendations that will help increase your brand’s reach and audience engagement.

Surface conversations, topics, and influencers that resonate with your audiences to build better connections.

Build trust and showcase your brand’s commitment to your community with seamless brand experiences and quick customer service using social listening.

Grow your engagement

Identify opportunities and threats in real-time

Track conversations relevant to your brand with hashtag tracking.

Get notified about crises before they go viral, with Keyhole’s predictions feature.

Discover new social trends within seconds with QuickTrends. Use them to get in front of your markets in real-time.

Use sentiment analysis to gauge your audience’s responses to your brand, your competitors, or your products. 

Track conversations on Facebook public pages

Leverage influencer marketing to boost your reach and conversions

Discover the most influential voices in your industry, and create a data-informed influencer strategy.

Minimize the risk of hiring the wrong influencers by using profile analytics to qualify, screen, and compare their individual impact.

Use real-time optimization insights to help your influencers boost engagement and increase conversions.

Compare influencers

How FITCRUNCH uses Keyhole to find and track influencers

FitCrunch Influencer marketing B2C clients

Read how the team at the Grand Hyatt uses Keyhole to optimize travel experiences

Keyhole for Your B2C Brand

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Keyhole for Enterprise

Are you an enterprise company looking for more granular data, premium support, and a flexible product that caters to you and your use cases? See what’s possible with Keyhole today!

Choose your Keyhole. Then unlock it.

Who says you can’t buy love? Discover and track the internet’s most influential influencers.

Instantly discover how people feel about your brand & competitors online.

Real-time actionable data lets you capture and amplify your event.
Save precious hours with tools built to monitor, analyze and inform campaigns.

See how your stack in your industry and get the insights to beat the competition.