Brand Monitoring

Account tracking and reporting with historical tweets
Instantly understand how people feel about your brand and competitors
online with intuitive and robust analytics.

All Your Brand Mentions in One Place

Gone are the days where you needed to check 5 different outlets to see who is talking about your brand. Access all direct and dark mentions of your brand across social media, news articles, blogs and forums right from your Keyhole account!

Intelligent Reputation Management

Get notified. Our Machine-Learning algorithm immediately lets you know:
  • – if there is sudden or predicted spike in activity in the conversation
  • – if a user complains about your brand, service or product
  • – if new influential users join the conversation
  • – if a post begins to go viral

Discover How Your Audience Feels

It’s not just what people say about your brand, it’s how they feel about it. Use our in-depth sentiment tool to see how sentiment around your brand changes over time. Plus, easily see what posts and topics are really driving your audience’s positive and negative emotions.

See How You Stack Up against The Competition

Get full access to all online mentions of your competitors (and their campaigns) and use these powerful insights to stay ahead. Plus, easily layer campaigns and brands to understand share of voice, comparative sentiment, and who is most engaging.

Connect with the People who Love your Brand

Engaged audiences make fantastic brand advocates! Stay connected to the conversations happening around your brand or product and share or respond to posts about your brand directly from the platform. Plus, easily identify influential users to build influencer partnerships with.

#Brand Monitoring Made Beautifully Simple

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