Social Media Campaign Monitoring

“Keyhole is like an X-Ray for my campaigns" - Actual Customer

Keyhole was built to deconstruct the conversation behind your campaign’s hashtag and help you measure and share performance in seconds.

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The Reports of Your Dreams

Customizable, shareable, embeddable and downloadable. Share reports with your clients and team in seconds, 24/7.

The intuitive, beautifully simple design makes them easy for anyone to understand.

Fast Reports PDF Hashtag Tracking

Goodbye, Spreadsheet Hell

Say good-bye to manually logging thousands of posts and follower counts to prove your campaign’s reach.

Measure the real impact of your digital campaigns with accurate, aggregated, cross-platform campaign metrics and robust campaign monitoring and analytics.

Stop doing manual work

Predict. Performance.

Keyhole is the only analytics product that uses a Machine-Learning Prediction feature to allow you to anticipate your campaign’s performance in the next 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days based on real-time data.

Share predictions with clients or colleagues and ensure that you’re hitting your benchmarks every time.


Nobody wants to be tracked on the internet,
but they all want to be heard

Grow Engagement​

Maximize reach while your campaign is running.

Replicate your top content on the fly and share the best (pre-selected) User Generated Content to grow engagement.

Plus, with our in-depth sentiment analytics tool you can understand how people are feeling as they engage with your campaign, and use data to help you grow overall engagement.

Grow your engagement

Go Straight To The Source

Are you speaking to the right audience?

Have you built the right buyer personas for your campaigns?

Learn more about the audience that’s actually engaging with your campaigns online and start talking to the right people.

Follower Insights - Social Listening

Choose your Keyhole. Then unlock it.

Instantly discover how people feel about your brand & competitors online.

Save precious hours with tools built to monitor, analyze and inform campaigns.
Real-time actionable data lets you capture and amplify your event.
Who says you can’t buy love? Discover and track the most internet’s most influential influencers.
We all want to know what people say about us when we’re not in the room. Gain deep insights into key trends & conversations happening right now.