YouTube Analytics

Content is King, And Video is the King of Content.

YouTube Analytics that help you understand how your video content is performing, and what people are talking about on YouTube.

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YouTube Channel Analytics

Understand how your YouTube channel is performing, how engaging it is, and how often your videos are getting a better like than dislike ratio.

Plus, unlock posting recommendations to increase engagement.


Track Conversations on YouTube

Capture every single video across YouTube that uses any tag or hashtag that you’re listening to.

Plus, unlock sentiment, location data, like/dislike ratios and much more.


We’d Like To Recommend Something

Get recommendations on how to increase engagement on your YouTube channel with more engaging posting times, the right tags (and number of tags) and much more.

Grow your engagement

Tame Your Trolls

Unlock Sentiment Before Your Trolls Do

When people talk about whatever you’re tracking, we use sentiment analysis on the rest of their conversation to help inform you about not only what they’re saying, but how they feel about it.

Sentiment analysis

Got Competition? We help you beat them

The best way to beat your competitors?

Uncover all their secrets. Use YouTube Analytics to tap into insights for any YouTube channel.

Competitive Analysis

Get Specific

YouTube-specific analytics such as like/dislike ratio and listening made specifically for YouTube video tags give you the experience of a product that is designed to help with your YouTube needs and capture the right content.

Custom social media analytics Keyhole
Put your social media reporting on autopilot.