Keyword Tracking

Turns out, you can find a needle in a haystack.

Keyhole can find any online conversation that mentions the keyword you’re tracking.


Real-Time Data

As soon as you understood the conversation, it changed.

Good thing your data kept up with it.

Rediscover what is happening in any online conversation with real-time keyword tracking.

Hashtag Analytics Real Time Data

Real-Time Alerts

Something went viral. Did you miss it? Now, you won’t.

Keyhole uses Machine Learning to let you know when there are important changes in any conversation.

Find out if a PR storm is starting and negative sentiment is piling up, if a big influencer talks about the keyword you’re tracking, or if it’s starting to go viral.


See Trends Before They Start Trending

Get ahead of the trends.

Keyhole uses Trend Analysis to show you which keywords are gaining traction and showing up time and time again in conversations, and which popular ones are losing steam.

This way, you can see trends as they’re forming.

Trending Topics

Keyword Analytics For Every Use Case

It may be hard to find relevant influencers. If you don’t use Keyhole.

Use Keyhole’s advanced keyword tracking and find the most relevant, engaging and influential who are already people talking about any topic and connect with them right through the platform.

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Sometimes, when people talk about your brand, they don’t bother telling you.

Still, would be nice to know what they’re saying. With Keyhole’s advanced keyword tracking and keyword analytics, you can. Uncover every public mention of your brand’s name and brand keywords, whether direct or indirect.

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Every. Single. Thing. People say about your market and industry.

Every want, complaint, visionary idea, influential person. Every customer and prospect and potential new market. Uncover what they’re saying in a digestible, pre-analyzed, always up-to-date format.

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