Twitter Hashtag Analytics

Twitter Analytics & Custom Reporting

Track any Hashtag or Account on Twitter with real-time data, and create presentation-ready reports for clients in seconds.

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Twitter Hashtags Analytics to Capture Growth Metrics

We use Twitter’s official firehose API, to give you real-time data and accurate metrics.

Track any hashtag or keyword across Twitter to unveil exactly how many people mentioned it, who they are, and what they said.

Plus, get aggregated engagement metrics like reach and impressions instantly, skipping hours of manual work.

Track Hashtags

Twitter Custom Reports

Make your clients happy with custom Twitter Analytics reports.

Select the metrics your client really care about and display them in a ready-to-print and easy-to-read report.


Data Exports (PDF, XLS, CSV)

Export raw data in XLS or CSV to analyze all posts, influencers and metrics in a customized way.

Or download presentation-ready PDFs to share with your clients and teams.


Twitter Historical Data

Go back in time with historical data from past campaigns for a personalized Twitter trend analysis.

Get all mentions and metrics for your hashtags or brands from up to 5 years ago.

Historical data for Twitter

Track Twitter Profiles and Accounts

Twitter Tracking for any public Twitter profile, even without login access.

Use it to understand how competitors and influencer accounts are performing, and how they compare to your own.

Track Twitter profile

Tweet It Like You Mean It

Instant Twitter Trend Analysis

With our nifty feature called QuickTrends, type in any keyword or hashtag and instantly see how many people mentioned it on Twitter in the past. 

Our customers love it for tracking trends, benchmarking and what is probably the world’s fastest form of competitive analysis.

Instant Trend analysis

Out-Tweet the Competition

Since you can access data on any public Twitter account, competitive analysis just got way easier.

Use Keyhole’s Twitter Analytics to easily understand how competitors are performing, not only by follower count but more importantly, by engagement.

Competitive Analysis

Grow Your Engagement on Twitter

Unlock Twitter Profile recommendations like best times to post, optimal number of hashtags and more, to start growing engagements on your accounts.

Grow your engagement

We Started with Twitter

Before we added all the other platforms, Keyhole was built for Twitter.

Enjoy a dashboard that caters to Twitter-specific data points like share of tweets/retweets and replies, and gives you exactly what you need.

Custom Social Media Analytics (Twitter)

Know How Your Audience Feels

Besides location, word clouds, and demographics galore, Keyhole also helps you understand how people on Twitter feel about any given topic by analysing the sentiment behind their posts.

Sentiment analysis