Hashtag Tracking

Real Time Hashtag Tracking For Campaigns

Accurately measure hashtag performance to monitor campaign success and prove ROI from hashtag campaigns. 

Create easy reports customized to your needs to showcase your hashtag performance. 

No credit card required


Seamless and Efficient Hashtag Tracking

Easily create different hashtag trackers to see aggregated social media metrics from different platforms, all in one place.

Track Hashtags

Real-Time, In-Depth Analytics

Real-time, detailed hashtag tracking analytics provide you instant insights into how a campaign or influencer is performing.

Discover what content is soaring with engagement.

Hashtag Analytics Real Time Data

Detailed Reporting Capabilities

You need detailed metrics. We have them – all wrapped up in a seamless dashboard that’s fully customizable and ready to share.


Historical Data Access

Need to check on how a previous campaign performed in the past? Forgot to begin tracking your campaign? 

We’ve got you covered with up to 5 years worth of historical data reports.

Historical data for Twitter

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