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Measure and prove the impact of your campaigns, events and influencers in real time with effortless reporting.

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Show of your success to teammates & clients

Get deep insights from your social data that are easy to understand, to make informed decisions. In fact, you won’t even require a data scientist on your team!

Afterwards, export and share beautiful, comprehensible reports any time you need them. Now there’s no need to spend hours creating spreadsheets or presentations.

As a result, you can be sure to wow even the social media laggards with real-time performance metrics on your social media campaigns.

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Get the complete picture with comprehensive hashtag tracking

Forecast whether you will hit your campaign goals throughout the duration of the campaign with our machine-learning predictions feature.

Forgot to start a tracker? No worries – don’t miss any posts in your report with access to historical data.

See your performance across social media channels and influencer campaigns on one platform, including data-backed insights to get better results.

Track Hashtags

Track hashtags to stay relevant, and leave the competition behind

Find trending topics that relate to your brand to always stay relevant and ahead of the pack.

Identify the most successful influencers within your industry before others, and use Keyhole to vet and track them.

Benchmark your competitors’ social media efforts to keep a close eye on their strategy and outperform them.

Instant Trend analysis
WWF WLC Hashtag Tracking Campaign

How Keyhole’s Hashtag Tracking Powered WWF’s We Love Cities Campaign

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How HerCampus uses Keyhole Hashtag Tracking Reports to Show Sponsors the Real Reach of their Events

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