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Make Your Influencer Marketing More Influential

Measure and optimize influencer marketing campaigns with analytics data you can trust. Resulting in fool-proof influencer marketing campaigns with real, measurable results.

From now on, you won’t need to rely on spreadsheets and screenshots from influencers while praying for data accuracy.

Influencer_Marketing in 2021

These Brands Are Awesome at Influencer Marketing

(And it’s probably because they use Keyhole)

Competitor Analysis & Benchmarking Clients USTA Logo
SportQuake Logo - Influencer Marketing Clients Keyhole
and Influencer Analytics
Billboard - Influencer Tracking - Keyhole
Influencer Marketing - Keyhole Clients - BottleRock Napa
Fashion Industry of Technologu - Influencer Marketing Clients 0 Keyhole

Gain more control with Influencer Tracking

Vet your influencers thoroughly with detailed profile analytics to know their true expected impact. Keyhole will help you find any red-flags – like fake followers or negative sentiment –  before it’s too late.

Get full access to influencer campaign metrics to give you transparency and peace of mind. No more back-and-forth needed to get the data you need to report.

Find the most relevant and engaging influencers in your industry with hashtag tracking. Reach to the most influential accounts before your competitors.

Find new influencers

Automate reporting and optimization

Allow influencers to authenticate their profiles on Keyhole to avoid all the awkward file-sharing. Get immediate access to all relevant data in real-time.

See key performance metrics for your influencers’ posts, profiles and followers, along with recommendations to improve engagement.

Share and download our beautiful and comprehensive reports to share with your team or clients to prove your ROI.

Grow your engagement

Scale your influencer efforts without the hassle

Aggregate all influencer accounts into your campaign reports to measure and compare their performance.

Use optimization recommendations to boost your campaigns.

Collect performance data from influencers, brand ambassadors, as well as UGC to have a full picture your campaign’s impact.

Compare influencers

How Fitcrunch Gained 23K Followers by Engaging Influencers on Keyhole

Keyhole Social Media AnalBottleRock

How BottleRock Music Festival Amps Up Influencer Engagement with Keyhole

How BottleRock Music Festival Amps Up Influencer Engagement with Keyhole

Brand Monitoring - Billboard Customer Success Story

Enterprise Solutions Available

Customization & Flexibility

Designed to handle teams of all sizes, Keyhole offers custom plans and flexible data banks.

Granular Data

Amplify and filter your searches as much as you need to get the precise data you are looking for in real time.

Premium Support

A dedicated team of experts available to support your team reach your marketing goals.

Do You Need an Influencer Marketing Platform?

Keyhole can track influencers in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

It’s quite simple with Keyhole’s influencer marketing platform:

  1. Invite your influencers to Keyhole.
  2. Ask influencers to authenticate their accounts to start tracking.
  3. Create a tag for your influencers to stay organized. 
  4. Track your campaign influencers via your hashtag tracker.


  1. Using keyword/hashtag tracking, find posts about your product, industry or brand with Keyhole. 
  2. Keyhole’s Influencer Marketing software will surface the most relevant influential voices. Also, it will give you insights on the influencers’ engagement, region and sentiment. 
  3. Once you’ve found your ideal influencer candidates, use profile analytics to vet them. Pay attention to metrics like engagement rate to ensure that the influencer does not have fake-followers.

You bet! Keyhole’s reports are how thousands of marketers prove the ROI of their campaigns and show the impact of their social media efforts.

With Keyhole’s customizable, ready-to-share reports, you can save hours every week from compiling information, creating and sharing reports.

Showcase your results on the first page, with visual, comprehensible data that is sure to wow, or share your dashboard with your team so that they can track the campaign in real-time.

Choose your Keyhole. Then unlock it.

Who says money can’t buy love? Discover and track the internet’s most influential influencers.

Track the online conversations that matter to your brand, and win customers over competitors.

Real-time actionable data that lets you capture and amplify your event.

Save precious hours with tools built to monitor, analyze and inform campaigns.

We all want to know what people say about us. Gain deep insights into current key trends & conversations.

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