What Is The Best Time To Post On Twitter In 2023

Like many other social media platforms, Twitter has been useful for people in many ways. It is a great place for information dissemination, advertisement, and research. The use of Twitter for many things has also made Twitter able to provide jobs and generate income. Undoubtedly, Twitter is such a great income-generating platform! But knowing how to … Read more

7 Tips To Create Engaging Visual Content On A Budget

The human brain has developed complex neural systems to process visual information. Research shows that around 55% of the brain’s cortex is devoted to visual processing. That’s compared to 11% for somatosensory and 3% for auditory processing.  That explains why visuals are so important in the marketing process. They allow marketers to create highly engaging … Read more

7 Profitable Social Media Marketing Tips To Generate Sales

Social media marketing gives brands the opportunity to build awareness and trust with their ideal audiences. But if they know how to use their profiles well, they can also move beyond demand generation and begin using lead generation tactics to nurture prospects at the middle and bottom of the funnel.  Over time, these strategies can … Read more

Social Listening: Best Practices For Growing Businesses

More than listening to what customers are saying about your brand or industry in the social sphere, this one question is important: What do you do with what your customers and prospects say on social media? Hearing what customers say on social media is one thing, but understanding how to use their conversations to your … Read more

22 Social Media Monitoring Tools To Track Brand Mentions In 2023

Social media monitoring is the act of paying attention to what is being said on social media. That is, what is being said about your brand, your campaign, your competitors, your product, trending topics, etc. In recent years, we have come to understand that social media monitoring is your brand’s first line of defense against … Read more

Top 11 Twitter Analytics Tools To Measure Performance Metrics In 2023

Looking for the best Twitter analytics tools? We’ve identified a list of the top 11 free and paid Twitter analytics platforms to help you determine which tool is the best for your business. Why do you need a Twitter analytics tool? Twitter has always been a challenging platform for businesses. While businesses love having instant … Read more

8 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Social Media Monitoring Efforts

Social media has become a vital aspect of marketing and communication strategies for almost all organizations. It has provided unparalleled opportunities for connection and interaction between business and their customers. However, it is crucial to recognize that social media also comes with its fair share of risks, especially if it is not appropriately managed. This … Read more

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