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Latest Social Media Updates ?️

1. X hides Likes: X now makes likes private—you can see your own likes but not others’. An interesting shift towards more personal engagement.

2. TikTok’s New App – Whee: TikTok introduces Whee, a new app for sharing moments with close friends. Currently available on Android in select countries, excluding the US.

3. Instagram Enhances Interactions: Instagram is piloting new prompts within the comment sections of feeds and reels to foster meaningful conversations and potentially boost engagement.


FB experiments with A/B test feature on Facebook Reels

Gold Nuggets & Resources?️

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Samsung’s Social Media Strategy: Widespread Reach With Curated Content

Analysis of Samsung social media accounts

Instagram: With 1.38 million followers, Samsung’s vibrant and engaging posts received a stunning 193,511 engagements from just 61 posts.

YouTube: Samsung’s content strategy for videos is so effective that they have a total of 1.58 billion views across 2,078 videos on YouTube. 

Facebook: Samsung’s regional Facebook page has a mind-blowing 162 million followers. And here, you can truly see Samsung’s marketing strategy bloom into brilliance. 

Twitter: As a testament to how effective celebrity collabs are, while most of their tweets have around 500 engagements, the ones featuring BTS’s Suga have around 3.3K each!

What makes Samsung’s social media strategy successful?

Samsung’s approach to social media is more than product promotion—it’s about creating a community. Their campaigns are not just informative but engaging, making followers feel like they’re part of an exciting tech journey. With innovative sneak peeks and dynamic interactions, they maintain a strong presence that resonates with tech enthusiasts everywhere.

It’s like having tech-savvy friends in your feed! Want to learn how to level up your social media game? Dive into Samsung’s strategy to pick up some awesome tips and tricks!

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Juneteenth on social 

This year’s Juneteenth took social media by storm. The energy was incredible as netizens united to honor freedom and empowerment.

I’m talking about heartfelt messages, virtual gatherings, and an outpouring of educational content that really showed the power of community.

If you’re curious to see how it all went down, you’ve got to check out the numbers we tracked from 18th-20th June 2024:

  • Total number of posts shared: 315.8K
  • Total posts shared at peak hour: 88K
  • Total impressions: 8.5B
  • Sentiment Score: 81 (Positive: 67%; Neutral: 26%; Negative: 14%)

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