Samsung’s Social Media Strategy: Widespread Reach With Curated Content

For the sheer size of their range, very few companies stand a chance in front of Samsung. 

The Samsung Group conglomerate has dozens of affiliate companies under its banner. But the star player is Samsung Electronics, producer of their industry-leading TVs, smart gadgets, and mobile phones, most well known among which are the Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. Founded 54 years ago in South Korea, Samsung’s parent company goes decades back, with roots in Japanese-ruled Korea.

Today, Samsung is a globally leading smartphone manufacturer, overshadowing other brands in terms of usage and number of units sold. They excel at identifying trends and specifically curating products for different markets and regions. 

This blog inspects how Samsung’s social media strategy furthers its dynamic marketing. 

Analysis of Samsung’s social media accounts

With over a billion people worldwide using Samsung phones, the brand’s market penetration is quite high, even with fierce competition from other leading Android brands. Predictably, Samsung has multiple country-specific and industry-specific social media accounts with tons of followers.

Here are the total followers Samsung has on their main accounts: 

  • Instagram: 1.3 million
  • Facebook (Samsung Electronics): 5 million
  • Twitter: 706.9K
  • LinkedIn: 4.2 million
  • TikTok: 2.5 million
  • YouTube: 6.52 million

However, if you closely look at the country and product-specific accounts, you can see how Samsung’s social media strategy centers around diversification and customized content. 

Many of these accounts have larger followings than their ‘main’ accounts:

  • Samsung India on Instagram: 4.8 million
  • Samsung Mobile on Instagram: 1.4 million
  • Samsung India on Twitter: 2.8 million
  • Samsung Mobile on Twitter: 12.4 million
  • Samsung Mobile US on Twitter 4.6 million
  • Samsung India on YouTube: 4.96 million
  • Samsung India on Facebook: 162 million
  • Samsung Global on Facebook: 46 million

In fact, one of their biggest followings is on @samsungwithgalaxy, their official Instagram community page for Samsung creators. With 4.8 million followers, this account is a testament to how well Samsung uses social listening to engage with communities and creatives.

Let’s delve into how Samsung’s marketing strategy works.

The magic formula behind Samsung’s social media strategy

What Samsung excels at is keeping audiences wanting more. All their social media accounts actively put up new posts and stories, which elevates their brand image and value. These posts are often visually stunning and have catchy taglines. 

Samsung’s content strategy charms its loyal consumers while also drawing in potential new audiences.

Here’s what Samsung’s social media strategy encompasses:

1. Packaging content in diverse formats

Samsung’s consistently classy marketing makes use of diverse content formats. They don’t avoid any one type of medium or style when sharing interesting product-related content with audiences. 

Samsung’s content strategy includes videos, reels, highlights, static posts, carousels, stories, interactive posts, and text-based tweets, keeping the mix varied and engaging.

2. Specializing in region-oriented accounts

A key part of Samsung’s marketing strategy is creating specific products, offers, and campaigns for different regions. They ensure the target audience can relate to the posts by giving them a regional flavor while maintaining their international appeal. On Instagram, for example, Samsung has separate accounts for their US, UK, Australia, and India accounts, to name a few. 

Take this post featuring Mackenzie McIntyre on Samsung Australia’s Instagram account. Involving an Australian influencer in their advert for the Samsung Smart Monitor is a great way to connect better with Australian audiences.

3. Promoting new launches and updates

As a smartphone and electronic gadgets brand with an unshakable presence globally, Samsung launches dozens of new models and updated versions every year. They sync with global calendar events and regional holidays and festivals. And Samsung’s marketing strategy online ensures the intended audiences consistently view these updates and new launch ads. 

But they don’t just post regular updates. 

Samsung’s content marketing strategy is to create a buzz and amp up the anticipation around the new product or launch. Here’s an example of a teaser released before the launch which kept audiences hooked-

4. Capitalizing on current trends and interests

In a world where everyone is plugged into viral trends and pop culture, using market research can help boost a brand’s engagement levels. This is Samsung’s marketing strategy where their social media accounts are concerned. 

Samsung has a pulse of the masses views, which shows in its on-point video posts and campaigns. Take the Gen X. vs Gen Y. vs Gen Z. ‘battles’ for example, both online and in real life. Samsung leverages this trending topic with their Instagram post ‘Which Z are you?’, putting a clever spin on ‘Z’ (which is how they market their foldable phones).

5. Driving community-based content

As mentioned above, Samsung’s official community page for Samsung content creators has 4.8 million followers on Instagram. This massive collective focuses on creating and publishing quality and authentic user-generated content. 

Samsung’s marketing strategy pays off here as this keeps audiences engaged for three reasons:

  1. As a source of inspiration and to emulate other creatives
  2. To follow user-approved tips and tricks for Samsung devices
  3. As a part of the following dedicated to each creator promoted by Samsung

And even if someone is not into Samsung chances upon this account, the wide range of captivating posts and reels is enough to make one stay longer on the page.

6. Collaborating with celebrities and brands

A sure-shot technique of drawing and retaining people’s attention is involving celebrities in marketing campaigns. Samsung’s social media strategy uses this technique to its full effect. They’ve had successful collaborations with many notable celebrities, such as Sabrina Carpenter, Millie Bobby Brown, and Jay-Z.

But being a Korean brand, the most famous tie-ups are the ones with K-pop bands Blackpink and BTS. Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy A80 Blackpink Edition and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G BTS Editions, and the corresponding promotions on their social media went viral, resulting in tons of user engagement from fans. 

7. Creating engaging and interactive posts 

Samsung’s content strategy works like a charm, no matter which social media platform you examine. One of the reasons for this is how inviting their account pages are, peppered with contests, giveaways, polls, and other forms of interaction.

On one hand, Samsung’s posts are uber-interesting, with relevant topics and themes and posts featuring influencers. On the other hand, they also invite audiences to participate in the conversations and stories on their pages. 

As an example, here is a Facebook post where Samsung opened a contest that drew in tons of user responses.

8. Supporting social change initiatives

There was a time when brands used to pass off doing the bare minimum in the name of CSR initiatives — purely for building a certain image. In today’s age of the internet and information, big brands no longer take such things for granted. 

In fact, like other leading brands, Samsung also invests good time, money, and clout in backing social causes and initiatives, not just for the sake of publicity but to make a difference in the world. And this works because it makes a difference with consumers as well, who are increasingly conscientious and choose to favor brands that give back.

An overview of Samsung’s social media strategy

With dozens of social media accounts and millions of diverse followers, Samsung is no slouch in online marketing. But how well does Samsung’s social media strategy work? 

Let’s take a look at some facts and figures:

1. Samsung on Instagram

Samsung’s official account on Instagram is active and filled with fresh content, just like their sister accounts and regional pages.

Since August, Samsung put up 61 posts on this account and garnered a whopping 193,511 engagements. With 1.38 million followers, this page sees decent traffic even when no new post is uploaded.

Their holiday-themed reel about finding perfect gifts at Samsung is their top post on Instagram.

Keep in mind — this is just one of Samsung’s many accounts on Instagram. They have much larger followings on regional accounts such as Samsung India and their Samsung with Galaxy community page.

2. Samsung on YouTube

Samsung’s content strategy for videos is so effective that they have a total of 1.58 billion views on their 2,078 videos on YouTube. Their most popular video is about their Galaxy SmartTag2 device, which helps people track valuables.

This helpful video about how people can protect their valuables was posted on November 19, and it already has over 255,209 views in the past week or so.

3. Samsung on Facebook

While many other big brands have slowly moved away from actively engaging with audiences on Facebook, Samsung has done the opposite. 

A chance to look at their regional marketing, take the official Samsung India account on Facebook, for example. This page has a mind-blowing 162 million followers. And here, you can truly see Samsung’s marketing strategy bloom into brilliance. Catering to people of different ages and tastes, they post actively and keep things fresh.

In just the past three months, Samsung has put up 243 posts on Facebook, which in turn got 149,276 engagements. Knowing the benefits of Facebook marketing, they take their audiences seriously and modify the content strategy to suit the medium. Videos and text-based posts are their more frequent post type and correspondingly, the ones with the most engagement.

4. Samsung on Twitter

While not as interactive on Twitter as on other platforms, Samsung’s Twitter accounts are still quite active and running strong. They post regularly with mostly information on products, launches, and collaborations. 

As a testament to how effective celebrity collabs are, while most of their tweets have around 500 engagements, the ones featuring BTS’s Suga have around 3.3K each! This big jump in numbers shows how fans are drawn to the brand, thanks to the featured pop icon!

Super-charge your online marketing with an effective social media strategy

Considering the quality content updates and diligent posting Samsung does, it’s no wonder this Korean superbrand has taken audiences by storm. 

Just like their advertising and marketing campaigns in competitive smartphone markets, Samsung’s marketing strategy online is a pleasure to experience. 

So, what’s working for Samsung’s social media marketing?

  • Curating content targeted at specific audiences and markets based on region and product type, thus forming relevant connections.
  • Leveraging social tracking and market research to stay on top of trends and pulse points, helping them attract younger audiences with intriguing posts.
  • Drawing on larger audiences with influencer marketing and big-wig celebrity collaborations that keep audiences hooked to their social media.

Want to spruce up your social media accounts? It’ll help propel your brand to the forefront of online platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Samsung utilize social media to engage with customers?

Samsung engages with customers on social media by actively responding to comments and messages, conducting polls and contests, and sharing user-generated content.

2. What innovative approaches does Samsung employ in their social media strategy?

Samsung's innovative social media approaches include creating immersive storytelling campaigns, leveraging influencers and brand ambassadors, and using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences.

3. How does Samsung build and maintain brand loyalty through social media platforms?

Samsung builds and maintains brand loyalty through social media by regularly sharing updates on new products and technologies, offering exclusive promotions and discounts, and providing exceptional customer service through social media channels.