Apple’s Social Media Strategy: Minimally Showy With Maximum Impact

Clichéd as it may sound, most of the world is split into Android and iOS users. But this is hardly a recent development. 

In fact, from the foundational years itself, Apple drew a large number of unwavering loyalists. The company had already enjoyed success with its 1977 Apple II computer, and in 1980, it went public successfully. And there has been no looking back since then. 

Apple garnered commercial success and critical acclaim for making high-end computing systems accessible to the everyday person. They are one of the biggest and best-known companies today and have a captivating presence worldwide.

Their advertising campaigns are iconic without being superfluous. And their slightly regal but warm approach extends to their online presence and marketing. 

In this blog, we will explore Apple’s social media strategy and what makes them click with their vast audience.

Analysis of Apple’s social media accounts

As a top player in computers, laptops, and mobile devices, Apple has millions of followers across its social media accounts. Back from the days of their landmark 1984 advertising campaign and their ‘Think Different’ campaign, Apple has crafted a solid spot for itself among consumers worldwide. 

Today, Apple’s social media presence is quite fascinating — they are either very active on a particular platform or not at all. They might come across as reserved on some of their accounts, but they maintain a great rapport with audiences. And with help or support channels, they are very hands-on. 

Let’s examine the total number of followers on their main accounts:

  • Instagram: 31.9 million
  • Facebook: 14 million
  • Twitter: 9.6 million
  • LinkedIn: 17.6 million
  • TikTok: 3.1 million
  • YouTube: 18.6 million

So, here is a closer look at Apple’s marketing strategy and how they manage to keep people engaged with their social media.

The reason why Apple’s social media strategy works

Apple’s biggest following is on Instagram and YouTube, which makes sense given their video-forward marketing campaigns. 

They have millions of followers, though they barely follow anyone back. While Apple’s marketing strategy varies from platform to platform, they focus on giving consumers gripping and visually striking quality content.

Here are some key ways in which Apple’s social media strategy works.

1. Posting intriguing content and narratives 

Apple’s social media strategy matches their ‘real’ world marketing campaigns regarding style and content. Whether a video or image of the product being used or something created with an Apple device, the result is stunning. 

Apple’s content strategy is driven by real-life stories and picturesque frames. 

Take this fascinating video on Apple’s YouTube channel, for example. The narrative focuses on productivity and creative culture with a real industry-based example with a catchy tune and song. No wonder this is more attractive to people than videos merely endorsing the iPhone’s qualities. Such posts also appeal to filmmaking enthusiasts and other audiences as it is entertaining and aspirational.

2. Actively engaging with consumers

Talking about an iPhone or iPad’s quality, make, and technical versatility is moot. Apple has proved its mettle, product-wise. But they take it further by maintaining the same quality and performance where help and support are concerned.

And this extends to their online presence. The main Apple account on Twitter, for example, is pretty inactive. But not Apple Support on Twitter

A consumer approaching the Apple Support channels with a query or problem is given the same care and attention they would receive at an Apple Store.

3. Sharing user-generated content and collaborating with celebrities

Many brands share user-generated content, but Apple does it with such a discerning eye that every reel or post is a treat to the senses. On Instagram, Apple’s official page is filled with collaborations with other influencers and great-looking videos commissioned by them. 

Apple’s social media strategy also uses impactful celebrity and brand collaborations. 

Take this catchy dance reel by K-Pop band New Jeans: Apple featured this video on their Instagram page, promoting the video-stabilization features of the iPhone 14 Pro. New Jeans has 10 million followers on Instagram, so this post drew in their large fanbase as well.

4. Maintaining their regal status online

Apple’s social media strategy involves being a little reserved in its online approach. This is a method followed by other notable luxury brands like Fenty Beauty

Apple does this without being condescending and grandiose. They maintain a balance between being slightly exclusive and limited in their follow-backs and posts and being actively engaged with audiences as well.

5. Giving active updates about new launches 

Apple has nailed the art of creating eager anticipation for their new products and updates, weeks and even months in advance. Usually announced at Keynote Addresses during Apple Events, these are preceded and followed by updates, promos, and ads all over their social media platforms. 

Apple’s marketing strategy here is to keep the hunger for their next innovation burning bright in audiences’ minds. A new launch post or video is met with a lot of fanfare, discussions, retweets, memes, and millions of likes and shares. 

Here is a recent example from their launch of the new MacBook Pro on YouTube.

6. Leading social change and initiatives

Known for being big on data protection and privacy, Apple has also taken a strong stance on many social issues. They vocally advocate for the environment on their website and social media platforms. Apart from environmental issues, their advocacy also covers social and education fields. 

The awareness they raise by using their considerable might and online presence does a lot of good worldwide. And this also helps aid Apple’s marketing strategy. People feel positively and engage more with brands they know care about more than just commercial success.

7. Being consistent with their branding and identity

Being instantly recognizable is one of the key tenets of a company’s branding philosophy, and the same applies to Apple’s marketing strategy. Apple is indisputably one of the best-known and recognized brands around the world. 

The ever-consistent branding and identity are maintained across all their online portals and channels, reflecting the same minimalist ideology that drives the products and Apple’s marketing strategy.

In fact, their already minimal bitten-apple logo used to be multi-colored, then gradient-filled until Apple started going full-tilt monochrome in 1999. And this elegance is still one of the most attractive things about an Apple device. 

The high status associated with this tasteful approach helps Apple connect with people who share the same mindset and values. 

8. Supporting pioneering individuals and creatives 

A lot of independent filmmakers, graphic designers, small-business owners, and creatives swear by Apple Macbooks and iPhones. They depend on the reliable processing power, speed, and quality outputs offered by an iPhone or Macbook Pro.

And Apple recognizes and supports such individuals and ventures, especially by featuring them on Instagram

Sharing success stories that laud and promote creatives on social media is a core part of Apple’s content strategy. On one hand, they gain favor and interest in the eyes of the public by leveraging good content and promoting artists. On the other hand, this draws more traffic to their pages.

Apple’s social media strategy at a glance

Being one of the Big Five tech organizations (FAANG) — Apple’s massive online following is very well-deserved. 

While they actively post interesting content and engage with audiences on some accounts and channels, they barely make a peep on others. But this does nothing to diminish their online presence or reach. 

Let us see whether Apple’s social media strategy results in actual engagement:

1. Apple on Instagram

With 31.9 million followers, Apple’s Instagram page is a flourishing and rich source of great stories featuring Apple products. They are active and post regularly, with immense responses from audiences. In the last three months, Apple’s social media marketing on Instagram generated 4,379,155 engagements with just 26 posts. 

In fact, their top post is the one featuring singing sensation Olivia Rodrigo, which earned them 972,146 engagements. Needless to say, this means the singer’s huge fanbase was also engaging with Apple’s post.

2. Apple on Facebook

Considering Apple’s content strategy and target audience, it is not surprising they don’t have any posts on Facebook, even though they have 14 million followers.

What’s interesting to note however is Apple TV has 28 million followers on Facebook and here, Apple regularly posts updates and trailers for new shows and movies on their OTT platform.

3. Apple on Twitter

Again, Apple’s main account on Twitter shows no activity, even though they have 9.67 million followers here. Apple Support, however, is active and full of consumer queries and replies.

Accordingly, replies are their most common post type on Twitter, with these also having maximum engagement.

4. Apple on YouTube

Like with their Instagram account, Apple’s YouTube channel is active and filled with engaging videos and shorts. Many behind-the-scenes movies, documentaries, commissioned videos, filmmaking techniques using iPhones, etc., are their most popular content.

Since August this year, Apple has uploaded 23 videos on YouTube with a mind-blowing number of views — 206,805,708

And if you see the average number of views on their videos, you will see they are more or less consistently the same. It shows how each video Apple posts has the same powerful impact and engagement, thanks to their well-crafted stories and clever content strategy.

Surpass competition with the right social media strategy and tools

Maintaining a top spot among mobile and computing tech giants is no easy feat. 

But Apple’s marketing strategy is so sublime, that it makes it look effortless. And at the forefront of their social media strategies is creating and curating content with meaningful and impactful stories. This is what keeps audiences hooked to Apple’s social media channels, even non-Apple users.

The strategies in Apple’s online marketing that help them achieve this are:

  • Crafting and posting videos with interesting stories and beautiful visuals showcasing how you can use iPhones creatively
  • Sharing user-generated content to support and promote individuals and thus be inspirational to followers
  • Collaborating with celebrities and other brands to commission and post promos digging into celebrity fan bases and followers

Wondering whether a primarily video-based social media presence can be impactful? You, too, can use social media tools and strategies to bolster your online marketing and engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Apple use social media to boost brand awareness?

Apple strategically utilizes social media platforms to showcase their products, engage with their audience, and create a strong brand presence. They leverage visual content, interactive campaigns, and influencer partnerships to reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness.

2. What sets Apple's social media strategy apart from its competitors?

Apple focuses on maintaining a consistent brand image across all social media channels. They prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring that each post reflects their brand values and resonates with their target audience. Additionally, Apple excels at fostering a sense of community and customer loyalty through personalized interactions and exclusive content.

3. How does Apple drive engagement through social media?

Apple fosters engagement by creating captivating content that sparks conversations and encourages user participation. They leverage interactive features like polls, challenges, and user-generated content to involve their audience. Apple also prioritizes timely and relevant content, ensuring that their social media presence stays fresh and engaging for their followers.

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