From Free to Exclusive: TweetDeck’s Subscription Shift To XPro

As all things social move to monetize, the popular social media management platform TweetDeck has transitioned into a paid service: XPro. As the “Pro” name suggests, XPro provides marketers, journalists and power users with tools to maximize their impact on Twitter. For teams working collaboratively on Twitter campaigns, TweetDeck Premium also offers streamlined team communication … Read more

TikTok Launches Text-Only Post Feature Following In The Footsteps of Threads & Twitter Rebranding

After Twitter rebranded itself to X on Sunday, TikTok released a full-fledged blog introducing its latest text-only post feature. Though some users claim they had access as early as June, the official launch happened after a month. This was a wildcard entry into the text-heavy world, considering TikTok’s bread & butter is short-form video. Is this an … Read more

How To Calculate TikTok Engagement Rate? (Formula + Free Calculator)

Brands cannot underestimate the power of TikTok anymore. That’s because TikTok’s organic reach is unparalleled as compared to other social media platforms. The app has had an immense impact on video and culture in today’s world. Businesses everywhere and in all domains are looking to get engagement through TikTok marketing.  Now if you’re thinking about … Read more

TikTok Analytics Guide 2023: Essential Metrics & Tools To Track

How many times have you gasped looking at numbers on popular TikToks? And when you open the respective account, I bet you must be shocked at seeing their follower count.  All thanks to TikTok’s insane algorithm, your content can reach millions of people even when you have a thousand followers.  The underlying secret lies in … Read more

What Is TikTok Engagement Rate? (+ Tips To Increase It)

Video content has become the favorite medium for brands to reach their target market on fast-paced mediums. The evolution of social media platforms has made short video production easier and more cost-effective.  With a user base of one billion from 154 countries, TikTok is now the goldmine for brands to enhance social media visibility. Being … Read more

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