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Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️

1. Meta is expanding its paid verification service for businesses, now including call support for the top tier subscribers at $350 per month. It is rolling out first in Australia and New Zealand.

2. Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram will prioritize original content in recommendations over reposts, benefiting creators who produce original work. This is good news for creators who work hard to put great and original content out there. 

3. LinkedIn games are live now and you can play here. See which of your connections are already playing! 


Drumroll please! Instagram just launched these 4 new stickers: Reveal, Frames, Cutout, and Add Yours Music. Check this out for detailed instructions on how to use them.

Gold Nuggets & Resources🖊️

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Competitor analysis not only reveals where you stand but also highlights potential areas of focus. Monitor them in your Comparison Group and check their share of voice on social platforms to benchmark performance.

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Netflix’s Social Media Strategy Unveiled: A Comprehensive Analysis

Analysis of Netflix social media accounts

Instagram: In the past 3 months, Netflix’s engagement is through the roof with 452 posts generating 100k engagements. Their average engagement per post is 221,657 which is huge for the platform.

Twitter: On Twitter, Netflix follows a rather fascinating strategy. Their content consists of 43% original content (i.e., tweets) and 45% re-shared content (i.e., retweets).

Facebook: With 455 posts and over 8.5 million engagements, Netflix’s performance on Facebook is commendable. 

YouTube: Netflix posted 294 videos on YouTube reaching a whopping 325,540,512 views and counting.

What makes Netflix’s social media strategy successful?

Netflix’s social media strategy is pretty amazing. They’re always trying out different types of content to keep all interested. And they’re not just posting – they’re really interacting with their followers, making it feel like a two-way conversation.

Plus, have you noticed how they always seem to jump on the latest trends and memes, making their posts super relevant? It’s like they just get us.

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#MetGala2024 in numbers 🔥

The first Monday of May was the Met Gala, where celebrities dazzled with some jaw-dropping looks.

This annual event, a fundraiser for the museum’s Costume Institute, featured the theme Garden of Time for the exclusive exhibit “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion”. It featured 220 historical dresses dating back four centuries.

Netizens were obsessed with the looks and shared reaction videos recreating the Met Gala looks with everyday things and humorous memes. Brands like IKEA and Gymshark cleverly seized the day with Doja Towel and SweatGala campaigns.

We couldn’t help but track the biggest event and the results will make your eyes pop:

  • Total number of posts shared: 8.2M
  • Total posts shared at peak hour: 5.31M
  • Total impressions: 38.6B
  • Sentiment Score: 72 (Positive: 13%; Neutral: 82%; Negative: 5%)

Did you know? 🙊

The cost of one ticket to Met Gala 2024 was increased from $50,000(USD) to $75,000(USD).

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