TikTok’s Genie Is Around The Corner 🧞‍♂️

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Latest Social Media Updates ?️

1. Meta is introducing AI Studio which lets influencers create AI versions of themselves for fans to interact with. 

2. TikTok is working on its AI chatbot called Genie which will chat with users and provide a range of AI-driven features.

3. Instagram is testing the display of public share counts, signaling a shift in priority to the send rate metric.


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Gold Nuggets & Resources?️

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2. 6 Market Research Methods & What They Reveal About Your Audience

3. Mastering YouTube Shorts: A Comprehensive Guide For Creators

Bonus: Download the July Social Media Calendar Template[2024] for Free


Canada Day 🍁

The virtual party ignites as Canadians from coast to coast came together to showcase their love for their incredible country.

From heartwarming videos sharing their favorite memories to giving a glimpse of traditions, social media lit up with the red and white spirit. Maple leaf emojis were all over the place as netizens celebrated Canada Day on the 1st of July.

We got back to our work desk and here’s what our tracker captured in one day:

  • Total number of posts shared: 33.40K
  • Total posts shared at peak hour: 3.70K
  • Total impressions: 316.50M
  • Sentiment Score: 81 (Positive: 68%; Neutral: 27%; Negative: 5%)

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