How To Create A Monthly Facebook Analytics Report + Free Template

Do you want​ to learn how​ to create and use monthly Facebook analytics reports?​ If not, you’re not alone!  We don’t have​ to tell you that Facebook​ is still one​ of the most popular social media sites​ in the world. There are over 2.93 billion active users, and statistics show that this number​ is growing. … Read more

8 Facebook Marketing Strategies For Small Business To Increase Engagement & Sales

As any small business owner knows, marketing can be pricey. Big businesses can throw massive budgets at expensive marketing strategies, but small businesses just don’t have that luxury.  Small businesses don’t have the budget for national ads, hiring celebrities, or creating flashy campaigns. So how can a small business create an achievable marketing strategy that … Read more

Facebook Analytics Guide 2024: How To Analyze & Use Your FB Data

You still haven’t started using Facebook Analytics, have you?  Could it be because you don’t understand it? Or perhaps you don’t know how to set it up in the first place. Maybe you don’t see why you should be using another Facebook analytics tool. You have Facebook Insights anyway.  We totally get it. But, here’s … Read more

Free Social Media Strategy Template For 2024 [+ 5 Brand Examples]

Creating a social media strategy takes time to research and write, but not all digital marketers have enough hours in the week. Altering existing strategies can be difficult, too. The online landscape — be it platforms or audiences — continuously changes and forces the need to refine new tactics. Download our free social media strategy … Read more

2024’s Top 17 Facebook Analytics Tools To Measure Page Performance

If you’re thinking about neglecting Facebook in your marketing strategy… think again! Here are some reasons to change your mind: Facebook continues to be the most used social media platform by far. Almost 75% of high-income earners use Facebook. Facebook allows for granular targeting that other platforms can’t offer. Facebook is an excellent tool for … Read more

2024’s Best 27 Social Media Analytics Tools For The AI Age

The latest studies show that social media is the first touchpoint customers have with your brand. In fact, customers are more likely to discover your brand through social media over a search engine. So it is more important than ever to optimize your social channels to ensure you’re reaching (and engaging) your target audience. But … Read more

Social Media Trends To Track in 2024 And Beyond: Marketing Tools, Content, And Strategy

Predicting the future of social media trends isn’t easy, but that’s precisely what makes it so much fun!  At Keyhole, social media is our bread and butter, and our team here works hard to stay up to date with all the key social media trends.  We have a good idea of where social media trends … Read more

10 Proven Strategies To Increase Engagement On Facebook In 2024

As a social media marketer, if you’ve been worried about the low Facebook engagement rate, you’re not alone. The recent changes in Facebook’s algorithms have got marketers sweating due to the consistent decline of organic reach.  What’s more, organic posts just reach 5.5% of your Facebook page followers. This has led an increasing number of … Read more

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