How To Become An Instagram Influencer: 14 Tips For Beginners

Instagram influencers get paid to channel their creativity and post beautiful photos. Not to mention the free goodies and extra perks that come with holding an influential status on social media. With all this considered, it’s no surprise that you want to join the ranks of famous Instagram influencers and start making money as a … Read more

6 Influencer KPIs to Track for Every Campaign

While it’s clear that influencer marketing is on the rise, before launching your own influencer program or community, it’s essential to lay out a detailed measurement strategy. With fake followers costing brands an estimated 1 billion dollars, gone are the days of blindly paying influencers money for the sake of vanity metrics. This means that … Read more

15 Traits Every Successful Social Media Manager Should Have

Christmas for most is presents and jingles, but for Social Media Marketers, it’s a season of frenzy. Social Media is brand’s top choice to engage and celebrate holiday season with their customers. Here’s Keyhole’s roundup of the most noteworthy christmas hashtag campaigns.

8 Influencer Marketing Metrics To Pay Attention To In 2024

67% of companies increased their influencer marketing budgets from 2022 to 2023. This trend is expected to continue into 2024. However, the focus of influencer marketing is shifting towards actual influence, not just likes and followers. This is because brands are now prioritizing return on investment (ROI). As a result, the influencer marketing metrics you … Read more

2024 Instagram SEO: 7 Quick Fixes To Boost Your Visibility

If you’re using Instagram to market your business, the best way to guarantee success is by growing your Instagram followers first. The more people you manage to reach, the higher your chances of driving sales. So, Instagram optimization is a must. In order to boost your following, you need to get found on the platform. … Read more

3 Influencer Marketing Metrics To Track In Your Next Holiday Campaigns

Halloween adornments are beginning to pop up, and Mariah Carey’s Christmas album has already hit the shelves – a clear indication that the festive season is fast approaching. This holiday period usually spans from early October through the end of January in the following year. Shoppers are in a fervor of purchasing due to the … Read more

Social Media Trends To Track in 2024 And Beyond: Marketing Tools, Content, And Strategy

Predicting the future of social media trends isn’t easy, but that’s precisely what makes it so much fun!  At Keyhole, social media is our bread and butter, and our team here works hard to stay up to date with all the key social media trends.  We have a good idea of where social media trends … Read more

6 Tips For Writing An Effective Influencer Outreach Email

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their target audience. Micro-influencers particularly, are known for their highly-engaged following and niche-specific audience. Once you’re able to find an influencer that aligns with your brand, working with them can be quite beneficial to your marketing and lead generation campaigns. However, the success of … Read more