TwitterX Launches XPro

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. TweetDeck is now officially a paid service called XPro, with X (formerly Twitter) launching a subscription model. Now, you’ll have to pay to access your Twitter data and analytics. 2. X takes a massive step in banning advertisers from promoting their accounts on the platform. Brands will no longer be able to pay … Read more

TikTok Launched Text-Only Posts

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. Twitter’s historic rebranding introduces an ‘X’ logo. The move is towards visionary plans to include broader product offerings and AI-powered features.  2. TikTok tries to rope in Twitterati with the latest text-only post feature. Now, users can share text posts with 1000 characters, stickers, and backgrounds.  3. YouTube is taking on TikTok in … Read more

50% of Threads Users Disappear

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. Instagram’s new “conversation” platform, Threads, experienced rapid growth with over 100 million users. Now, those users are bored. 2. Twitter creators can earn from their exclusive content, as Twitter expands access and boosts rate limits through its new revenue-sharing policy. 3. Facebook doubles down on its video strategy by introducing new discovery and … Read more

Meta’s Sanely Run App

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. Instagram’s “Threads” app already has over 10M users under 7 hours of launch. It uses your Instagram handle, so pick up where you left on IG, and post using a Twitter-like interface. 2. Twitter has blocked unregistered users from viewing tweets. Also, verified accounts are limited to reading 6,000 tweets a day, while unverified … Read more

LinkedIn Cuts Creative Tools 🪓

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. You can now add music to your Instagram notes and view translations in different languages. The new features rolled out globally last week. 2. With the recent update, fast forward TikTok videos by tapping and holding your finger on the screen. The video will be played at x2 speed. 3. LinkedIn is removing several creation … Read more

#Cannes2023 on Social Media

Hello there, ✋ Exciting news has been brewing in the world of social media lately. Instagram is being sneaky and planning to overthrow Twitter’s supremacy. Word has it that it is working on a new text-based social network app called “Barcelona”. Meanwhile, Twitter has been improving its video capabilities to enhance user experience and engagement. … Read more

Crowned By Likes!

Hello there, ✋ Social media marketers are sweating hard! While the summer is getting hotter, the actual steaming reason is the number of important dates in May asking for your devoted attention. And that’s why we are here to give you all the inside scoop. From the big-fat Royal Coronation to the upcoming Cannes Film … Read more

Goodbye, Linktree!

Hello there, ✋ April was unbearably hot for many reasons! The past few weeks have been full of drama and much-awaited updates, and we have all the details you need. Firstly, the Coachella music festival has been making headlines for all the right reasons. Our team has been following the story closely, and we have … Read more

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