What’s The 50-Part Series On TikTok?

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️

1. LinkedIn is introducing a new algorithm change that could increase the reach of your best posts. The suggested posts will display selected content to hyper-targeted audience for months or even years.

2. Guess who’s the reigning champion of streaming platforms in the US? For consecutive 12 months! Yes, Nielsen just confirmed that it’s none other than our beloved YouTube.

3. Meta is shaking things up with cross-posting between Facebook and Threads. Time will tell if this honest attempt at igniting engagement will be worthwhile or not. 

Bonus: Instagram is currently in the testing phase for a new feature that lets you create carousel posts within the Reels stream. Be ready to have more screen time, guaranteed! 


Amid the hoax of Google Mail shutting down by August 2024, Elon Musk did something bizarre again. This time, he has hinted at the launch of a new email service called XMail.

Nathan McGrady, a senior member of X’s Security Engineering team, tweeted about the launch date of XMail. Elon Musk confirmed the impending launch with a “It’s coming” reply.

XMail is here to rival Gmail and to challenge Google’s dominance in the market. Now, that’s a move only Elon can make!

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Tabs Chocolate Social Media Strategy: A Tempting Recipe For Success

Analysis of Tab’s social media accounts

Instagram: From November 2023 to February 2024, Tabs’ Instagram account had a follower growth rate of 5.20% and an average engagement rate of 30,734 per post.

YouTube: Tabs Chocolate’s engagement rate showed the best numbers during the week of December 18th with a drop at the end of December and another spike in January.

TikTok: The chocolate brand boasts 110,000 TikTok followers and mostly relies on UGC and influencer marketing posts for its campaigns. 

Facebook: With 2,400 members, Tabs built a close-knit community with Facebook groups where users post content and hold discussions around the brand.

What makes Tab’s social media strategy successful?

The way they’ve carved out a unique position in the market, and utilized UGC is simply mind-blowing. Tabs’ collaborations with influential TikTok creators have armed them with unparalleled loyalty among their audience.

But that’s not all, their emphasis on creating a lavish brand experience is nothing short of remarkable. If you’re looking for inspiration, exploring the ins and outs of Tabs Chocolate’s strategy is definitely worth your while!

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Reesa Teesa’s Viral Series 🍿

TikTok has been taken by storm with this 50-part series called “Who TF Did I Marry” by Reesa Teesa. This mind-boggling saga of approximately 500 minutes uncovers the shocking truth about being married to a pathological liar, Legion.

Well, her videos are full of twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat guaranteed! With about more than 120 million views, Reesa Teesa has got everyone talking with her raw and unforgettable storytelling.

Brands are jumping into the comments with partnerships and deals for Reesa Teesa. While some netizens are reacting to this whole turn of events humorously, others are demanding Netflix to create a deal with her. Crazzyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

We tracked her famous hashtag #whotfdidimarry and you can spot the rise in the trend for yourself:

  • Total number of posts shared: 93.0K
  • Total posts shared at peak hour: 40.1K
  • Total impressions: 180.60M
  • Sentiment Score: 44(Positive: 17%, Neutral: 68%, Negative: 15%)

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Hailey Bieber’s Viral Rhode Phone And Lip Case 

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