XHiring: Twitter Takes LinkedIn’s Core Feature

XHiring is Twitter’s new feature that aims to streamline the job recruitment process. It is part of Twitter’s rebranding to X and its goal to become “The Everything App” alongside payments, livestreaming, and a creator economy. Now it’s a place to get hired as well. Since Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the platform has undergone … Read more

TikTok Launches Text-Only Post Feature Following In The Footsteps of Threads & Twitter Rebranding

After Twitter rebranded itself to X on Sunday, TikTok released a full-fledged blog introducing its latest text-only post feature. Though some users claim they had access as early as June, the official launch happened after a month. This was a wildcard entry into the text-heavy world, considering TikTok’s bread & butter is short-form video. Is this an … Read more

Twitter’s Historic Rebranding: Blue Birdie Steps Aside, Crowdsourced X Takes The Spotlight

X’s Linda Yaccarino said the move will make X “centered in audio, video, messaging, payments/banking[…] powered by AI”. The unforeseen rebranding was announced with a 3-second video, hinting at the rebranding of the infamous app, Twitter. Officially announced Jul 23, Elon leaked the move earlier during a Twitter space while he played video games. And … Read more