Twitter’s Historic Rebranding: Blue Birdie Steps Aside, Crowdsourced X Takes The Spotlight

X’s Linda Yaccarino said the move will make X “centered in audio, video, messaging, payments/banking[…] powered by AI”.

The unforeseen rebranding was announced with a 3-second video, hinting at the rebranding of the infamous app, Twitter. Officially announced Jul 23, Elon leaked the move earlier during a Twitter space while he played video games.

And as the weekend came to an end, it was official. The familiar blue bird is now replaced with a stylized X. Musk tweets,  “ now points to Interim X logo goes live later today.”

Things move fast at X/Twitter. The logo was up for all to see that night.

Did you know that the logo was crowdsourced too? Here’s the story behind it.

In just a span of 24 hours, Elon Musk invited his 149 million followers on Twitter to suggest an ‘X’ logo to replace Twitter’s signature blue bird.

Later in the day on Saturday, he chose one of the designs and set it as his new profile picture. Following this, he informed his followers that he plans to use it as an interim design, adding that the design “probably changes later, certainly will be refined.”

This comes as part of Musk’s vision to transform the 17-year-old platform into an ‘everything-app’ similar to WeChat in China. This bold move is part of a broader overhaul that will see all recognizable Twitter branding and bird symbolism removed.

The newly-appointed CEO, Linda Yaccarino, shared her support and vision. She states that X is planned to be an AI-driven platform serving as an international hub for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities. It will soon introduce banking and payment solutions, including audio, video, and messaging services, thus offering an all-in-one solution to its users.

The rebranding is thought to be a strategic move to counter Meta’s new Twitter rival: Threads. 

Meta’s platforms are already ahead of Twitter in payments, shopping integrations and live streaming. All areas where “X” plans to expand.

It took a few more days to amp the count up to 100 million users, and Twitter was shaken for a moment. You can see that Threads piqued unusual interest during its launch week. But the trend plummeted to a sharp dip within the passing weeks.

People soon either made their comeback to Twitter or moved back to Instagram. Threads has already halved its active users in a week, says Mashable.

It seems 2024 will be a tug of war between the top social platforms. After the Threads user base decline we see a Twitter rebrand, what’s next for both companies?

Regardless of the combat, the iconic blue bird will surely be missed by netizens. It symbolized the essence of Twitter perfectly. No matter how intuitive the updated platform may be, Twitter enthusiasts will mourn the loss of their cherished blue bird.

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