6 Cognitive Biases You Can Use To Boost Social Media Marketing

There are 500 million tweets tweeted, 55 million facebook status updates, and more than 40 million post uploads on Instagram every day. How would you differentiate your company from the crowd and leverage psychology to get overwhelmed readers to focus on you?

Cognitive biases  are simply the irrational behaviors we exhibit even when we believe our decisions are logical.

10 Emotional Moments Only Twitter Marketers Will Understand

If you’re a Social Media Manager or a Twitter Marketer, you’ll sympathize with this list!

Does checking your company Twitter at 11 p.m. on a Friday while your friends are chugging beer ring a bell? What about getting a heart attack when you spot a spelling mistake on one of the visuals, or when you missed out an important Influencer mentioning your brand at 3:40 a.m. because it was 2 p.m. in their timezone? We feel you.

How Coke Generated $100,000 Worth Of Free Twitter Impressions In 1 day

Coca-Cola recently teamed up with Twitter in an attempt to break a world record by getting as many people as possible to use the #ShareaCoke hashtag. Using the hashtag displayed an emoji called a ‘hashflag.’ It’s the first time Twitter has built a custom emoji for a global advertising partner.

Breaking records are nice but what business impact, if any, did the campaign have for Coke?

Put an end to manual legwork once and for all.