Twitter Analytics Guide 2024: How To Analyze & Use Your Twitter Data

Despite tweeting a zillion times a day, do you fail to see that spike you anticipated? Don’t stress, you aren’t alone! Most likely, you’ve already turned to how-to blogs, attended Nailing Twitter Marketing webinars, and subscribed to random newsletters for newer and better social media insights. And while these are all great resources, the most … Read more

What Is The Best Time To Post On Twitter In 2024

Like many other social media platforms, Twitter has been useful for people in many ways. It is a great place for information dissemination, advertisement, and research. The use of Twitter for many things has also made Twitter able to provide jobs and generate income. Undoubtedly, Twitter is such a great income-generating platform! But knowing how to … Read more

How To Find Old Tweets & Access Twitter Historical Data For Any Twitter Profile

Of all the social media platforms, Twitter is the fastest and simplest platform for sharing your opinions and keeping updated with news and current events. To leverage this appeal, businesses have also flocked to the platform for social media marketing.  However, with 6000 tweets getting posted every second, standing out on Twitter is a mountainous … Read more

XHiring: Twitter Takes LinkedIn’s Core Feature

XHiring is Twitter’s new feature that aims to streamline the job recruitment process. It is part of Twitter’s rebranding to X and its goal to become “The Everything App” alongside payments, livestreaming, and a creator economy. Now it’s a place to get hired as well. Since Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the platform has undergone … Read more

From Free to Exclusive: TweetDeck’s Subscription Shift To XPro

As all things social move to monetize, the popular social media management platform TweetDeck has transitioned into a paid service: XPro. As the “Pro” name suggests, XPro provides marketers, journalists and power users with tools to maximize their impact on Twitter. For teams working collaboratively on Twitter campaigns, TweetDeck Premium also offers streamlined team communication … Read more

How To Calculate Twitter Engagement Rate? (Formula + Free Calculator)

One common thing about every top brand in the current market is their active presence on Twitter. With over 237.8 million active daily users, this microblogging network has become a brand favorite for marketing.  Twitter boasts a vast range of 500 million daily tweets and can help your brand reach a wide set of audience. … Read more

Breaking Down The Impact Of Twitter’s API Charges On Marketing [Expert Edition]

Towards the beginning of Feb 2023, Elon Musk’s owned Twitter stirred the internet with a life-changing announcement.  Yes, we are talking about the pricey affair of Twitter API. Previously, Twitter used to provide free access to its basic API. Several third-party tools and individual developers could leverage these to build automated solutions and side projects.  … Read more

What Is The Optimal Social Media Post Length?

What is the optimal social media post length? If you’re going to be posting actively on social media, you should try to make the most out of it. Every social media platform has its own ideal post length that is most likely to resonate with users. What is the ideal Facebook post length? The ideal … Read more

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