IG Cowatching: Instagram’s New Cowatching Feature

Cabin fever is catching up with everyone around the world. To make staying at home easier to manage, Instagram has introduced a new feature, IG Cowatching, which aims to help users connect via video chat.  Forget the normal Instagram video chat – now, you have the added benefit of scrolling through your Instagram feed together … Read more

Analytics Reporting For Marketers: Building Custom Reports

As marketers, we all want to prove the value of our marketing efforts, especially on social media. But how do you do that? Nothing beats a concrete, data-driven, simple, and easy-to-understand social media report. Tracking your social media metrics gives you a complete picture of how all your accounts are performing and you can finally … Read more

10 Best Instagram Uses For B2B Companies

B2C companies are all experiencing success on Instagram, but the majority of B2B firms still have minimal or close to no engagement. Many B2B brands are hesitant to dive into the world of Instagram as it seems less professional than Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

But remember, people do business with people, not with other businesses. Through Instagram, you can advocate your company’s core values, and establish a long term connection with your consumer base.

IGTV Vs IG Stories: What’s The Difference?

Let’s explore the differences and similarities between IGTV and Instagram Stories. We’ll also cover when to use IGTV, and when to use Instagram Stories. What is IGTV? IGTV is Instagram’s long-form video platform. While a typical video post on Instagram is limited to 1 minute, IGTV posts can be up to an hour long. IGTV … Read more

18+ Content Creation Tools To Make Life As A Marketer Easier

Social media will always require a lot of effort, but finding the proper social media content creation tools might just be the digital helping hand you need.  After extensive market research and coming to the realisation that there are simply too many social media tools out there, we’ve carefully gone through what we considered to … Read more

5 Top Brandwatch Alternatives

Your social media success depends on how well you are able to listen to what your audience is saying about you, your competitors and your market in general. This is what social listening and social media monitoring is all about.  With data and insights extracted from your social listening efforts, you are able to know … Read more

3 Top Meltwater Alternatives

Social media monitoring is a non-negotiable part of any successful marketing and sales strategy, and thankfully there are plenty of tools that allow you to collect and analyse social data to inform your decision-making. Looking for a social media analytics solution that allows you to track conversations, find influencers and keep up to date with … Read more