From Free to Exclusive: TweetDeck’s Subscription Shift To XPro

As all things social move to monetize, the popular social media management platform TweetDeck has transitioned into a paid service: XPro.

As the “Pro” name suggests, XPro provides marketers, journalists and power users with tools to maximize their impact on Twitter.

For teams working collaboratively on Twitter campaigns, TweetDeck Premium also offers streamlined team communication and task delegation. With shared access and intuitive team management tools, organizations can ensure a cohesive and efficient workflow, resulting in improved campaign outcomes.

To compliment TweetDeck, Keyhole’s offers real-time analytics from top social media platforms. It provides a comprehensive reporting solution, including Twitter historical data, hashtag tracking, and audience insights.

Once a beloved third-party app for accessing Twitter, it gained popularity among journalists, marketers, and individuals who relied on Twitter for their professional endeavors. Its robust features, including support for multiple accounts and customized feeds, made it an indispensable tool.

However, Twitter’s acquisition of TweetDeck in 2011 brought forth significant changes. The decision to charge for a previously free tool may seem logical from a business standpoint. Nonetheless, Twitter users are disappointed about having to pay for a tool that was once readily accessible at no cost.

The market will decide if it’s time to pay up for TweetDeck, or move on.

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