3 Top Meltwater Alternatives

Social media monitoring is a non-negotiable part of any successful marketing and sales strategy, and thankfully there are plenty of tools that allow you to collect and analyse social data to inform your decision-making. Looking for a social media analytics solution that allows you to track conversations, find influencers and keep up to date with … Read more

How To Get More Instagram Followers: 30 Proven Strategies

Everyone has big dreams when they start an Instagram account for their business. But getting more Instagram followers—especially at the beginning—isn’t as easy at it seems. How do you get more Instagram followers? Paying for Instagram followers doesn’t work. You end up with inflated follower counts that actually don’t provide any results to your business. … Read more

16 Marketing Automation Tools For Marketers To Streamline Repetitive Processes

Marketing automation tools keep cropping up as customers’ needs continue to evolve.  The sharp marketer or business owner knows the value of keeping up with new trends. Unfortunately, while this keeps your marketing effective, it takes so much of your time that you have no time to focus on other important functions that need your … Read more

15 Social Media Branding Strategies To Capture And Retain Your Target Audience

As competitors strengthen their online profiles, the need to differentiate your brand’s identity on social media grows. Building a recognizable brand known for its positive qualities will help gain and retain followers. Successfully executing branding strategies can help win customers, too. But developing a powerful, branded social media presence is a challenge you can’t quickly … Read more

Marketing Report Essentials: How To Create Perfect Reports And Impress Clients

Marketing reports are at the core of any marketing strategy. And while some marketers only think of reporting as a sales pitch, it’s actually much more than that.  While it’s important to prove the value of the work you provide to your clients or your superiors, it’s even more important to develop an unbiased reporting … Read more

Analyze Industry Competitors Using Social Media Benchmarking

How does your social media performance compare to your competition? And how do you even begin to answer that question? In this guide, we’ll cover the metrics and benchmarking tactics needed to judge the performance of your social media campaigns. What type of success have your competitors seen? Where do you stand relative to them? … Read more

Hashtag Analytics: 27 Actionable Strategies To Grow Your Business

In this guide, we’ll be exploring 27 actionable hashtag analytics strategies. We’ll also document case studies to show how businesses flourish by implementing these strategies.  By following the actionable strategies in this guide, you’ll learn how to make use of proper hashtags, hashtag analytics, and hashtag tracking tools. Before we get into the strategies, let’s … Read more

Instagram Messages: How Businesses Can Engage Their Audience & Tools To Manage Your Inbox

There are many ways you can capture the attention of your followers on Instagram (and social media in general), but hardly anything is as powerful as establishing a strong relationship with your followers and potential customers via Instagram messages. In this post, we’ll give you a clear overview of why Instagram messages are important for … Read more

Broadcast And Media Companies: Improving Performance With Social Media Analytics

Social media has changed the dynamics of marketing, reshaped the way people consume information and revolutionized the way brands and organizations communicate with their audience. In a world where information is available in real time and content is accessible on-demand, broadcast and media companies have to keep pace with changing audience expectations. Below, we will … Read more

5 Under Analyzed Social Media Metrics That Matter [+ Tools To Measure Them!]

With so many social media analytics tools that focus on different stats, it’s hard to figure out which metrics matter. Some of the most important ones are often ignored in favour of “vanity metrics” – numbers that don’t help guide your marketing decisions, but are easy to track. To make strides in your social approach, … Read more

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