What’s The Difference Between Impressions And Reach?

Impressions and reach are two different ways of measuring the viewership of your social media content. The Difference Between Impressions and Reach What counts as impressions or reach differs from one social media platform to the next, but the core difference between impressions and reach is simple: Impressions measure the total number of times a … Read more

How To Create A Facebook Business Page: Step-By-Step Guide

Benefits of Creating a Facebook Business Page While each platform has its own perks, we’re focusing here on the benefits of creating and managing a Facebook business page. There are several reasons why your business should have a presence on the social media giant Facebook. Ready to learn more? 1. Market to a Platform With … Read more

Saif Ajani interview on Website Planet

Future Of Agencies & Social Media Marketing According To Keyhole’s CEO

Marketing agencies are facing their own existential crisis through this time. The ones who are able to show their impact, backed by solid data, are the ones who are going to survive and succeed. Saif Ajani, Co-Founder and CEO at Keyhole Ditsa Keren from Website Planet interviews Saif Ajani, Keyhole’s CEO. He explains why Keyhole … Read more

Measuring Social Media ROI: Calculate Actionable Insights For Your Business

Measuring social media ROI is crucial to proving that your social media marketing efforts are paying off. As a marketer, demonstrating that your social media strategies are generating positive results is necessary to be able to safely secure your social media budget or earn a contract renewal. And if you’re not seeing a positive ROI, … Read more

How Much Instagram Influencers Cost: A Guide To Influencer Marketing Pricing

Nowadays, if there’s a single Instagram marketing strategy gaining momentum then that surely is influencer marketing. If there’s anything troublesome about influencer marketing, it’s that there is definitely a bunch of marketers trying to determine Instagram influencer pricing.  Yet, with the influencer marketing industry expected to be worth up to $15 billion by 2022, it … Read more

Pitching eSports Sponsors: How To Use Social Media Metrics To Secure Sponsors

While being a professional gamer sounds like it’s all fun and games—securing an eSports sponsorship is serious business. Asking and pitching for an eSports sponsorship takes planning, research, and a bit of marketing savvy. Sponsors care about more than just your follower or subscriber counts—they want to know how much you’re truly able to influence … Read more