How To Get Verified On Instagram Even With Few Followers

Instagram has become every marketer’s favorite channel. Whether it’s a small venture or a multi-billion dollar designer brand, the photo-sharing platform’s pivot to a marketing tool gives creative exposure. 

But among millions of brands striving to gain attention, it’s difficult to highlight your authenticity and establish trust. That’s what the coveted Instagram blue tick can help you with. 

For a business, having a verified Instagram account is an asset. The blue tick mark beside your brand name translates to better exposure, growth opportunities, and a loyal following. 

But is it necessary to have thousands of followers for an account to get verified? While it was true earlier, the recent updates have made the Instagram blue tick accessible to accounts with fewer followers. 

However, Instagram just doesn’t hand out verification badges to anyone. You must follow a proper process and be mindful of various requirements. 

How? Let’s discuss —

What is Instagram verification?

Instagram verification is a process through which the social networking platform confirms an account is original and authentic. It’s a way for Instagram to ensure that the accounts the users are following or interacting with are who they claim to be. 

Once you pass the assessment, a blue checkmark appears beside your username, validating your account’s authenticity. 

The badge has one primary purpose — to verify the user has an official profile. It prevents impersonation and lets other users make informed decisions. 

Earlier, this blue badge was reserved for celebrities, public figures, or global companies. However, it’s not the case anymore. Recently, Instagram updated its verification criteria and made it easier for people to request the blue badge even if they don’t have a huge following or a notable name. As it says on Instagram’s website, “A verified badge is not a symbol to show importance, authority or subject matter expertise. We don’t use the verified badge to endorse or recognize public figures or brands.”

Understanding Instagram’s verification criteria

Now that we know it’s possible to get a blue badge on Instagram, let’s try to understand the criteria you must fulfill to earn it. 

Instagram’s official requirements for verification

Here are some non-negotiable aspects you must ensure to get verified on Instagram: 

1. Authenticity: As the predominant purpose of an Instagram verification badge is to validate an account’s originality, authenticity is the first requirement you must fulfill. The account must belong to a real person, business, brand, or entity. 

2. Completeness: Your profile should have a bio and photo. You have to be regularly active on the platform.

3. Uniqueness: Your account has to be the sole profile representing you or your business. Instagram does not allow verification of multiple accounts for the same person or business. Also, general interest can’t get a verification badge. It’s only accessible to individuals or businesses.

4. Notability: Your account must represent a publicly known individual or business. It helps if you have been featured on news sources. Instagram does not acknowledge paid or sponsored media sources.

Common misconceptions

  • To get your account verified, you should reach out to a person who works in ‘Instagram Verification’ and send them $5-10K in Bitcoin.
  • You must have a huge follower base to get the blue tick on Instagram

Let’s debunk these common misconceptions with some facts: 

Nano and micro-influencers can get a verification badge on Instagram as it depends more on the authenticity of the account than having celebrity status. 

For example, Peter Yeung — a photographer and journalist, has the Instagram blue tick even though his follower count is just 1661. Why? Because his profile looks credible. 

Every post is aligned with his bio which describes him as “a peripatetic flâneurnalist in love with the world.” The bio also has links to his website and email.

If anybody offers to verify your account and get you the blue tick, they are trying to scam you.

Building a strong Instagram presence

Instagram typically verifies accounts at risk of being impersonated or of public interest. A strong identity on Instagram can indicate substantial popularity and that your account can be impersonated. 

A well-established Instagram profile also makes you look more credible and improves your chances to get verified on Instagram. 

Here’s how to build a strong Instagram presence and get your Instagram blue tick quicker:

The power of quality over quantity

While an extensive portfolio of Instagram content may seem equivalent to a strong identity on the platform, content quality is much more important here. So, your focus should be creating relatable, informational, and engaging posts instead of just increasing your post numbers. 

Authentic and consistent Instagram content that resonates with your brand identity seems more credible in the verification process. It also brings more organic engagement and establishes your authority in the niche. 

Here are some tips for creating quality content on Instagram:

  • Assess audience data and address their preferences and challenges through your content
  • Create a content calendar to plan out content
  • Use storytelling methods to hook the audience
  • Invest in good shooting equipment and photo editing tools
  • Write captivating captions 
  • Include relevant and popular hashtags to increase discoverability

Crafting an appealing Instagram bio and profile

Next, optimize your profile with an appealing bio, picture, and user name.

Opt for a user name that directly represents your brand identity. It makes the verification process much quicker and smoother. 

Instagram bios are limited to only 150 words — so make each word count. It should summarize who you are and what your Instagram profile is all about. Add personality to your bio with a dash of humor and wit. Include relevant keywords to get discovered easily. 

Don’t forget to include a compelling CTA. Add a link to your website or other social handles. You can also use Linktree to add multiple links.

Use the contact options to add an email address, phone number, or physical address to your profile. It offers an extra layer of credibility and improves your chances of getting the Instagram blue tick. 

Lastly, use a clear, high-quality, and vibrant photo representing you or your brand. You can either use a free logo maker and create a unique business logo or just go with a picture showing personality. 

Consistency in posting and content quality

Instagram verifies accounts to confirm user authenticity and credibility. If you are consistent with your posting schedule and content quality, it shows that you are a legitimate and reliable presence on the platform. It makes it easier for Instagram to trust that you are who you claim to be.

Deep dive into audience data to see when they engage with yours and other similar content the most. This will help you optimize your content schedule and maximize engagement while maintaining consistency in posting. 

Use a content calendar to plan so the regularity doesn’t break. Consider investing in a social media management tool that offers posting and scheduling. It eliminates the error-prone manual grind and ensures on-time content publishing. 

Proving your authenticity

Establishing credibility on Instagram is essential to not only get the verification badge but also to grow your business through the platform. 

Follow these steps to prove your Instagram profile’s authenticity:

Verified contact information

Ensure your provided contact information is verified. There should be no anomaly. The contact channels should be accessible for inquiry. 

Linking to a legitimate website or profile

Always link to your original website and other profiles. Optimize your site’s loading speed. Ensure the profiles you link in your bio are aligned with your Instagram posts. The tone, design, and style should sync with your brand image. 

Establishing credibility within your niche

Want Instagram to trust you? Become a voice of authority in your niche. 

Share your personal experiences, stories, and insights related to your industry. Address the specific challenges with solid data and insights. Present a solution-oriented attitude through your content. 

Connect with your audience. Respond to comments, acknowledge compliments, and participate in conversations related to your niche. Take negative comments on the chin and offer assistance. You can also hold live Q&A sessions to showcase your expertise. 

Getting featured in media or news

Up your PR game and try to get featured in media or news. It doesn’t have to be a big media house — it simply should be legit. 

Hold an event, workshop, or social initiative, and invite local news outlets to cover it. Your goal is to create a buzz and get the conversation around your brand going in the media.

Instagram’s verification request process

Now that we have the nitty-gritty of solidifying your Instagram presence, let’s understand the verification process:

A step-by-step guide to submitting a verification request

Here are the steps to submit a verification request on Instagram:

1. Log in to the account that you want to get verified

2. Tap your profile picture in the bottom right corner to go to your profile

3. Tap the ≡ in the top right (like in the screenshot below)

4. Tap Settings and Privacy

5. Choose your account type — business or creator

6. Tap Request verification

7. Enter your full name and add the required form of identification (for example- government-issued photo ID or official business documents).

8. Follow the on-screen instructions, then tap Submit.

Tips for preparing a compelling request

Here are some additional tips to make your request foolproof:

  • Remove bots from your follower list
  • Avoid linking to your personal YouTube or Twitter account
  • If your budget permits, consider hiring a reputable digital agency with access to Facebook’s Media Partner Support tools. 
  • Use competitor analysis tools to see which brands or creators in your niche have a verified badge. Assess their profiles and identify what’s working for them. 

What to do if your request gets denied?

Even if you meet all the criteria to the best of your abilities, your verification request may get denied. But there is no reason to be disheartened. You can submit a new request again in 30 days. Remember, applying for an Instagram blue tick multiple times before receiving a decision will cancel your application.

If your request is denied, work on optimizing your profile. Use Instagram analytics to identify areas of improvement and tweak your strategy accordingly. 

Partnering with authentic Instagram accounts for engagement

Even after submitting your verification request, your efforts to improve credibility must not stop. Here are some additional steps you can take: 

Collaborating with other users

Partner with other brands and creators in your niche like Spotify does. It will solidify your reach in the industry and give you access to the collaborator’s audience. 

Working with a reputed name in your niche will add credibility to your Instagram presence. The verification system will take note of this, giving you a better chance to win Instagram’s trust. 

Encouraging user-generated content

User-generated content is an excellent form of social proof and can bring authentic Instagram engagement. Real people engaging with you will validate your originality as well. 

Ask your followers to post pictures or videos of your product with your branded hashtag. You can offer small discounts or gifts to maximize participation. Take a cue from Glossier and repost UGC on your profile and stories. 

Running genuine contests and giveaways

You can start a challenge, content, or giveaways and optimize them with campaign-specific or branded hashtags like Cactus’s post. It will make you relatable, create a buzz, and promote authenticity. You may also use some generic hashtags like #contestalert and #contestgiveaway to increase post reach.

Showcasing testimonials and reviews

Post testimonials and reviews from happy clients on your website and your Instagram like Maybelline does. It adds to your business’s credibility further. 

Overcoming challenges and obstacles

Submitting a verification request is just the first step to getting an Instagram blue tick. There are other hurdles you must cross.

The waiting game: What to do while waiting for a response

Anticipation of getting a response to your verification request is expected. Here is how you can make this time worthwhile:

  • Be patient 
  • Continue elevating your content quality 
  • Frequently engage with the audience
  • Keep your bio updated 
  • Be aware of industry trends and create content around them 
  • Try to collaborate more with other creators and brands
  • Ensure you are following Instagram guidelines even after submitting a request

Strategies for addressing potential roadblocks

Instagram’s methods aren’t entirely clear on how they verify an account. We know which elements are essential to get verified, but the steps of the verification process are vague. 

That’s why identifying roadblocks here can be very difficult. However, the popular opinion suggests that Instagram’s verification process is not automated, which makes it even more challenging for businesses. 

To overcome these invisible roadblocks, authentic and data-driven efforts are your best shot. Combine it with useful social media management tools that offer:

Coping with impersonation and fake accounts

Thousands of fake accounts pop up every day on Instagram, and seeing other accounts impersonating your business is bound to be frustrating. However, you must be patient and take steps to minimize it.

Whenever you come across a fake Instagram account pretending to be you, block and report it immediately. 

  • Open their profile and click on the three dots in the right top corner. 
  • Then tap block and report. 
  • Here, you can report this account and other accounts this person may have created. While reporting, select “It’s pretending to be someone else.”


If you have always considered the Instagram blue tick out of your reach, it’s time to let go of that thought. With genuine efforts, relatable content, and a strong profile, you have a good chance of getting Instagram’s approval. 

To summarize the steps, here’s a TL;DR version of today’s discussion:

  • Optimize your bio with keywords and make sure it reflects your identity
  • Focus on improving content quality rather than creating bulk posts 
  • Be consistent with your posting schedule
  • Strictly follow Instagram’s guidelines
  • Encourage UGC and hold contests to improve engagement 
  • Showcase reviews and testimonials to build credibility
  • Collaborate with your notable contemporaries to build an authentic reputation

Remember, no matter what the rumors say, the only way of getting and sustaining your Instagram verification badge is an authentic brand image. 

But how do you ensure your efforts stay aligned every step of the way? 

With Keyhole’s Instagram analytics. 

Here, you can track every important Instagram KPI, hashtag, and influencer campaign. Keyhole will generate detailed reports pinpointing areas of improvement, keeping you updated in real time.

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