How To Create Facebook Polls To Grow Your Business In No Time

Let’s imagine you’re sipping on your morning coffee, scrolling through Facebook, and suddenly a fun poll pops up asking, “What’s the best way to start your day? Coffee or Tea?” 

Not only does it give you a small, delightful pause in your endless scroll, but it also connects you to a broader community of like-minded folks (or not-so-like-minded, and that’s the fun part!).

Now, what if I told you that YOU could be that person adding a sprinkle of interaction to someone’s day? Whether it’s to answer a quirky curiosity, make a business decision, or just to get to know your audience a tad bit better, Facebook polls are your go-to!

But how, you ask? Whether you’re a novice looking for basics or you’ve dabbled a bit and are searching for advanced tips, this guide’s got you covered. Dive in with us as we untangle the fun, user-friendly world of Facebook polls. 

Let’s get our chat on and turn you into a poll pro!

1. The ABCs: Crafting a Facebook poll

News Feed Polls

Step 1: Launch Facebook and head to your home page. Here, the familiar ‘What’s on your mind?’ box awaits your creativity.

Step 2: Click inside the box. A plethora of options will appear, scout for the ‘Poll’ option.

Step 3: The stage is set! Draft your question, set the alternatives, and pick the poll’s lifespan. Finally, tap ‘Post’ and you’re live!

Real-life Peek: Jane, a food blogger, once posted, “Which dish should I whip up next? Pasta or Paella?” Her followers’ verdict? A hearty Paella dish that became a hit!

Facebook Story Polls

Step 1: From your main Facebook page, tap your profile icon with the ‘+’ sign, your pass to the stories arena.

Step 2: Now, let’s set the ambiance. Choose a backdrop – a picture, GIF, or even a short video.

Step 3: Tap on the stickers icon (it’s like a squarish smiley), and pick ‘Poll’.

Step 4: Craft your question, set your choices, and presto! Your 24-hour poll is up.

2. The pulse of community: Facebook group polls

Facebook groups are micro-communities, bustling hubs of discussion, advice, and shared interests. And here’s where polls can get things buzzing.

Creating a Group Poll:

  • Step 1: Navigate to your chosen group. Begin by clicking ‘Write something…’. This is your canvas.
  • Step 2: Among the myriad options, you’ll find ‘Poll’. It’s like an eager friend waving hello!
  • Step 3: Compose your question. Provide the choices. Remember, the audience here is niche, so make it relevant to the group’s interests.

Did you know? Group admins often use polls for administrative decisions. “Should we have themed days?” or “Which logo for our group?” – it gives members a voice, fostering community spirit.

3. Cutting through chat chaos: Messenger polls

Ah, group chats – where plans either solidify or drown in endless banter. Enter, Messenger polls!

Step 1: Dive into your group chat in Messenger.

Step 2: Notice that ‘+’ at the bottom left? It’s like Aladdin’s lamp. Give it a tap, then select ‘Polls’.

Step 3: Now, draft your question and offer choices. It’s simple, effective democracy!

Real Talk: Consider your college gang was planning a reunion. “Beach or hills?” Our Messenger poll spared us days of back-and-forths. Beach it was!

4. Amping up your event game: Events page polls

You want your event to be memorable, engaging, and tailored to your attendees. Here’s how polls can be your secret sauce:

Step 1: On your event page (be it an upcoming concert or a birthday bash), look for the ‘Poll’ option.

Step 2: The process is identical to what we’ve discussed. Pose your question and list down the options.

Step 3: Engage your attendees! It’s not just about logistical questions but also fun ones like, “Which song absolutely MUST be on our playlist?”

Tales from the Real World: Sarah, hosting a virtual book launch, polled her attendees on which chapter excerpt they’d like a sneak peek of. The engagement was off the charts!

5. A fresh spin on content: Facebook video polls

Video content is king. But adding interactivity? That’s like the crown jewel!

Step 1: Start your usual video upload process.

Step 2: Among your toolkit, you’ll spot ‘Add a Poll’. Here, you can intersperse your video with poll questions at chosen timestamps.

Step 3: Craft your question and present the options. This isn’t just for trivia but can be used to gauge viewer preferences too.

True Story: A vlogger, Jake, once posted a DIY video and used polls to let viewers decide which step they’d like more details on. Viewer engagement multiplied!

How to harness polls for business brilliance

Ah, Facebook polls! At first glance, they might seem like just another tool for tracking, casual interactions, whimsical questions, or settling friendly disputes.

But if you’re in the realm of business, big or small, these unassuming polls could be your secret weapon. Let’s dissect how they can not only be a magnet for engagement but also a goldmine for actionable insights, setting your business on a trajectory for growth.

1. Gathering real-time feedback

Before launching a new product or revamping an old one, gauging public sentiment is crucial. Instead of spending significant sums on extensive market research, a simple poll can offer a pulse check.

For instance, if you’re a fashion retailer pondering over introducing a new line of vintage clothing, a poll asking “Would you buy vintage clothing?” can provide an instant feeler.

2. Heightening engagement

The Facebook algorithm loves interaction. Posts that engage users are more likely to appear in feeds, which means more visibility for your brand.

A well-crafted poll, perhaps asking “Which of our new flavors are you most excited about: Mango Tango or Berry Burst?”, encourages clicks and comments, pushing your content to a wider audience.

3. Tapping into market trends

Polls can be an unfiltered window into evolving market preferences. By asking timely and relevant questions – “Are you looking for more sustainable product options?” – businesses can stay ahead of the curve, catering to emerging consumer demands and setting themselves apart from competitors.

4. Creative & interactive promotions

Traditional advertising might seem too salesy. But imagine a poll that lets your audience choose between two products, promising a discount on the winning item. It’s a win-win: users feel empowered and involved, and you boost sales while gathering data on product preferences.

5. Strengthening community ties

A business isn’t just about transactions; it’s about forging connections and building a loyal community. Regular polls foster interaction, making your followers feel valued and heard. A cafe might poll its regulars on which artist they’d like for the next live music night or what special should be featured the following week.

6. Product development and innovation

Let’s say you run a tech firm, and you’re contemplating the next feature to add to your app. A poll can directly involve your user base, ensuring you channel resources to develop features they genuinely want. It’s co-creation at its finest!

7. Identifying pain points

Polls can be a subtle way to identify areas of improvement. A SaaS company might ask, “What’s the most challenging aspect of using our platform?” By encouraging users to share their biggest hurdles, they can directly address these in future updates.

Facebook polls aren’t just about fun interactions; they’re about leveraging community insights for business growth. It’s about blurring the lines between brand and audience, transforming passive consumers into active collaborators.

So the next time you’re mapping out your business strategy, consider integrating polls into your approach. Your audience awaits your questions, and their answers might just chart your path forward! 

Final words

Polls, in the grand tapestry of social media, might seem trivial. But as we’ve unpacked, they’re tools of engagement, feedback, and so much more. For businesses, they’re invaluable. For casual users, they’re fun and engaging.

With this guide, you’re no longer a poll novice. You’re ready to craft, launch, and engage with confidence. Here’s to the power of asking and the fun in answering! Happy polling! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Facebook poll, and how can it benefit my business?

A Facebook poll is an interactive feature that allows page administrators to ask a question and offer two response options. It can benefit businesses by providing insights into customer preferences, testing new product ideas, engaging audiences in a fun way, and driving more visibility on the platform.

2. How do I create a poll on my business's Facebook page?

To create a poll, go to your Facebook page's post creation section. Choose the "Poll" option, type in your question, and provide the possible answers. Decide on the poll's duration and then click "Post." Ensure that you have the necessary permissions on the page to create posts.

3. Can I use images or GIFs in my Facebook polls to make them more engaging?

Yes, Facebook allows the addition of images or GIFs to polls, which can make them visually appealing and drive higher engagement rates. When creating a poll, select the photo or GIF icon next to the answer options to upload your media.

4. How can I analyze the results of my Facebook poll?

Once your poll has ended, you can view the results directly on the post itself, showing the percentage of voters for each option. For deeper insights into engagement metrics (likes, shares, comments), you can utilize Facebook Insights.

5. How can Facebook polls help in tailoring my products or services?

Facebook polls provide direct feedback from your audience, helping businesses understand their preferences, needs, and opinions. By posing questions related to product features, service enhancements, or new offerings, businesses can gather valuable insights to refine and tailor their offerings accordingly.