Analyze Industry Competitors Using Social Media Benchmarking

How does your social media performance compare to your competition? And how do you even begin to answer that question? In this guide, we’ll cover the metrics and benchmarking tactics needed to judge the performance of your social media campaigns. What type of success have your competitors seen? Where do you stand relative to them? … Read more

Brand Collabs Manager: What Is It?

With influencer marketing and branded content continuing to surge in the digital marketing space, it’s no surprise that Brand Collabs Manager for Facebook and Instagram is being introduced. Previously only available to Facebook creators, it’s a new marketplace tool being tested with a select group of Instagram creators. What is Facebook Brand Collabs Manager? Facebook … Read more

Hashtag Analytics: 27 Actionable Strategies To Grow Your Business

In this guide, we’ll be exploring 27 actionable hashtag analytics strategies. We’ll also document case studies to show how businesses flourish by implementing these strategies.  By following the actionable strategies in this guide, you’ll learn how to make use of proper hashtags, hashtag analytics, and hashtag tracking tools. Before we get into the strategies, let’s … Read more

Instagram Messages: How Businesses Can Engage Their Audience & Tools To Manage Your Inbox

There are many ways you can capture the attention of your followers on Instagram (and social media in general), but hardly anything is as powerful as establishing a strong relationship with your followers and potential customers via Instagram messages. In this post, we’ll give you a clear overview of why Instagram messages are important for … Read more

Using Hashtag Tracking to Optimize Social Listening Strategy [+ Tools!]

When many marketers and community managers think of social listening, manually scouring through sets of posts, tweets and messages comes to mind. But being left with a small relevant dataset is common, even though the process involves keyword research to target what your audience is saying about your brand and competitors. Adding hashtags to your … Read more

Broadcast And Media Companies: Improving Performance With Social Media Analytics

Social media has changed the dynamics of marketing, reshaped the way people consume information and revolutionized the way brands and organizations communicate with their audience. In a world where information is available in real time and content is accessible on-demand, broadcast and media companies have to keep pace with changing audience expectations. Below, we will … Read more

5 Under Analyzed Social Media Metrics That Matter [+ Tools To Measure Them!]

With so many social media analytics tools that focus on different stats, it’s hard to figure out which metrics matter. Some of the most important ones are often ignored in favour of “vanity metrics” – numbers that don’t help guide your marketing decisions, but are easy to track. To make strides in your social approach, … Read more

Social Media For Nonprofits: Proving Your ROI And Impact Through Social Media Analytics

Social media has radically changed the way people discover, consume, and share information about issues that matter to them.  For nonprofits, that’s more than a good thing.  Now your work, your impact, and your stories can get the recognition and attention they deserve. Social media for nonprofits gives you the chance to tell your brand … Read more

Instagram Threads, Restrict, and Product Launch: 3 New Features & What They Mean For Your Engagement

Over the past few months, Instagram has announced three new features that are set to accelerate Instagram marketing—Instagram Threads, Instagram Restrict, and Instagram Product Launch. While Product Launch is still being actively tested, Instagram Threads and Instagram Restrict are a big deal for marketers and brands using Instagram to promote their brands, businesses, and products.  … Read more

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