How To Get Verified On Instagram Even With Few Followers

Instagram has become every marketer’s favorite channel. Whether it’s a small venture or a multi-billion dollar designer brand, the photo-sharing platform’s pivot to a marketing tool gives creative exposure.  But among millions of brands striving to gain attention, it’s difficult to highlight your authenticity and establish trust. That’s what the coveted Instagram blue tick can … Read more

How To Start A Social Media Marketing Agency: A Step-By-Step Guide

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How & Why You Should Start Social Media Recruitment For Your Business

The modern labor market and recruiting system are changing very fast. It takes a lot more than just posting a vacancy on a website to hire the best specialists.  Competition is growing, so companies need to expand their workforce with new and unique talent. 49% of HR professionals say their company plans to increase the … Read more

How To Master Brand Sentiment Analysis – Beginner’s Edition

What people think and feel about your company, products, and services is your brand sentiment.  In the absence of magical powers that can help you see into customers’ minds, brand sentiment allows you to dig deep into the mentions and messages that your brand receives to discover the underlying emotions that are being expressed. Evaluating … Read more

How To Use Instagram Hashtag Analytics For Improving Your Reach In 2024

Before you roll your eyes at this in disbelief, Instagram hashtags actually work! They bring exceptional reach to you.  This engagement tool is not just for Twitter alone but spans its effectiveness to Instagram. People use tons of hashtags each day, unraveling tons of opportunities to get closer to your leads.  That’s why tracking Instagram … Read more

How To Calculate Instagram Engagement Rate In 2024?

Since the inception of reels, more brands use Instagram to establish a reputation in the social space. The reason here is its extensive user base. According to statistics, the platform boasts over 1 billion monthly users, out of which 90% follow at least on business. 50% of users have also stated that their interest in … Read more

Who Are Content Creators And How To Partner With Them?

Like many developing relationships, content creators and brands embark on a journey that begins when they “fit” each other. It continues through some trials and tribulations and hopefully ends happily. But sometimes, there’s just no connection, or common ground, or one party’s behavior messes things up. So how can these two be together? There’s no … Read more

Top Social Media KPIs To Track In 2024

It’s getting easier and easier to get data; therefore, you should rarely rely on your ‘gut’ to make critical marketing decisions concerning your social media strategy that could potentially impact your business.  Social media marketing has become increasingly popular in the last few years. However, with tons of KPIs available, it could be hard to … Read more