The Essential Guide To Social Media Icons For Marketers

Have you ever come across a website that doesn’t have any social media icons? Chances are, you haven’t. These social media icons point website visitors to the brand’s social media pages so they can connect with them through multiple channels. And now with social media playing such a huge role in our everyday lives, you … Read more

Top Iconosquare Alternatives For 2024 

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Top Emplifi Alternatives For Marketers And Social Media Agencies

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. And when it comes to comparing two marketing strategies or campaigns, numbers and data speak volumes, don’t they? It is a no-brainer that any modern marketing agency or a marketer, for that matter, needs an arsenal of tools under their belt to create, publish, monitor, and analyze their … Read more

How To Track & Analyze Competitors On TikTok

Social media marketing is extremely crucial to create a sustaining brand image in people’s minds to stay in the competition. From small-scale businesses like home-bakers to big corporate brands, brands are using TikToks to reach out to people.  Currently, TikTok is one of the most talked about social media platforms out there. One billion TikTok … Read more

5 Social Media Strategies That Succeeded In 2024 [Key Takeaways]

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How To Track & Analyze Competitors On Facebook

While brands use several social media platforms to improve brand visibility and run marketing campaigns, Facebook remains the most popular among them all.  Currently, the social media giant boasts 2.9 billion active users. Hence, businesses across industries focus on Facebook marketing to reach a wider audience and grow their consumer base.  That’s why Facebook competitor … Read more

Sports Marketing: Tracking Social Media ROI, Influencers, And Engagement

On the surface, sports marketing in the digital age should be easy. You have a thrilling product, a rabid fanbase, and a growing arsenal of social media platforms to connect the two. Sure, you can post content all day long, but how do you evaluate the success of one sports media campaign versus another? How … Read more

How To Do A Twitter Competitor Analysis In 5 Simple Steps

There are several reasons why Twitter is a valuable tool for any marketer. For one, it’s an easy way to share and get information.  Marketers are always looking for what’s happening in their niche, and Twitter is an easy way to keep tabs on things. In many ways, Twitter is like a digital business card. … Read more

How To Perform A Social Media Competitive Analysis

Isn’t it absolutely frustrating to watch your competitors repeatedly outdo you on social media? Even with a well-equipped team and resources at your disposal, you don’t see the results you wish. Well, we have a solution- conducting a social media competitive analysis. While your social media marketing strategy shouldn’t be based entirely on this, it … Read more