5 Ways To Use Social Media Content For Customer Success

Social is anything but an entertainment platform. It’s a place where businesses are sharing engaging content to grow their online presence and acceptance. Social is a cost-effective and prompt channel for businesses to connect with their audience.  Social media statistics show over 4.26 billion people are engaged in various social platforms. Catering to platforms like … Read more

How To Use Competitive Benchmarking To Boost Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Are your results in social media the bare minimum, or should you be reaping enough? Well, it doesn’t help to be delusional.  If you aspire for Kylie Jenner-like follower growth for your brand, you are probably still hurting your expectations. The best way to analyze if you are heading in the right direction is by … Read more

How To Use Competitor Analysis To Identify New Marketing Opportunities

Did you hit the plateau of customer acquisition? If you are nodding your head in anticipation, know you are not alone.  Oftentimes, you see a handful of players dominating a particular industry despite having so many brands offering the same thing. This is because the top players have an edge in introducing newer add-ons to … Read more

7 Must-Know Types Of Competitor Analysis Tools With Top Recommendations

Hold on!  Did your competitor’s post go viral, but are you struggling with dwindling likes? Or are you absolutely clueless as to why competitors are outranking you?  We get that frustration! Despite having a solid strategy in place, you will see a discrepancy in performance.  As per recent surveys, 90% of the Fortune 500 companies … Read more

Media Monitoring 101: What It Is And How It Works[Tools Included]

Did you just get a Slack ping from your manager about a bad brand review? The very thought makes you sweat, isn’t it? You can escape this hell of a situation with media monitoring.  There are so many buzzwords around this topic, but they are ultimately the pieces of the same puzzle. The term “media … Read more

Ultimate Brand Monitoring Guide For Tracking Online Reputation

You’ll be surprised to know that 93% of users admit that online reviews have impacted their buying decision. That means a couple of negative reviews can actually be a potential reason for lesser lead generation. Despite the risk, over 70% of businesses don’t reply to negative reviews. These unresponded snippets float around and become a … Read more

Keyhole How to Avoid a Social Media Crisis crises 6 steps how to

6 Critical Steps To Avoid A Social Media Crisis

Social media is an enormously powerful tool for managing customer relationships, broadcasting positive brand stories and introducing new products. But while the benefits of this free, fast and intuitive marketing channel are virtually limitless, it also has some potentially serious risks. But there’s good news; with proper planning you can avoid the most common mistakes … Read more

Attention: These Keyword Research Tips Can Skyrocket Your Website Conversions

Website getting traffic but still not getting conversions? If you think your content’s fine, then perhaps you need to take a look at your keyword strategy? Yes, you sometimes need to go all the way back to make sure you’re drawing in quality leads from the right channels. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the … Read more

Using Popular Hashtags To Grow Your Business

Do you use hashtags — catchy, attention-grabbing conversation anchors that people want to be associated with? If not, you can learn how here. Hashtag 101– If you already know what hashtags are, skip this part and proceed to advanced hashtag uses below. How hashtags work: When you use a #hashtag, you are adding your post … Read more

Keyhole How to Spark Brand Mentions on Social Media Analytics Hashtag Tracker

How To Spark Brand Mentions On Social Media

Brand mentions on social media can drive significant results for your business. 58% of consumers follow brands through social media. Imagine your brand getting mentioned by tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people. Or getting lots of replies from potential buyers to your social media posts. It’s possible. People go to social media to talk … Read more

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