8 Social Listening Examples: How Brands Are Thriving Digital Landscape

All it takes is for one person to post a comment about your brand, products, or services on social media and suddenly, you’re the hot topic for the day. Before you know it, thousands of people are sharing their experiences to back up or contend with the original post. If the comments are positive, then … Read more

Samsung’s Social Media Strategy: Widespread Reach With Curated Content

For the sheer size of their range, very few companies stand a chance in front of Samsung.  The Samsung Group conglomerate has dozens of affiliate companies under its banner. But the star player is Samsung Electronics, producer of their industry-leading TVs, smart gadgets, and mobile phones, most well known among which are the Samsung Galaxy … Read more

Facebook Analytics Guide 2024: How To Analyze & Use Your FB Data

You still haven’t started using Facebook Analytics, have you?  Could it be because you don’t understand it? Or perhaps you don’t know how to set it up in the first place. Maybe you don’t see why you should be using another Facebook analytics tool. You have Facebook Insights anyway.  We totally get it. But, here’s … Read more

How To Calculate Follower Growth Rate For Instagram? (2024)

When tracking any social media metric, it’s best to think in terms of rates and percentages rather than raw numbers. Rather than tracking the raw number of social media followers you’ve gained or lost, tracking your follower growth rate is much better. Before we jump into follower growth rate calculators, let’s look at exactly what … Read more

Free Social Media Strategy Template For 2024 [+ 5 Brand Examples]

Creating a social media strategy takes time to research and write, but not all digital marketers have enough hours in the week. Altering existing strategies can be difficult, too. The online landscape — be it platforms or audiences — continuously changes and forces the need to refine new tactics. Download our free social media strategy … Read more

20+ Best Social Media Sentiment Analysis Tools For 2024

While the average person may not want to know everything that’s said about them online, that information is invaluable for any company. But there’s a lot of chatter out there, so sifting through all of those mentions manually would be an impossible task for many brands. That’s what sentiment analysis tools are for. They capture … Read more

How To Track Instagram Follower Count In 2024?

When your Instagram strategy is generating new followers consistently, you know that you’re doing something right.  An increase in follower growth signifies increased brand reach and engaging content people are interested in. This is why it’s essential to track your Instagram follower growth.  So, how do you track followers on Instagram? In this simple guide, … Read more

Adidas Social Media Strategy: Sporting Online Traction Globally

Think of Adidas and you immediately picture their trademark three-stripes logo. This iconic footwear and sports apparel brand is well-known, no matter which part of the world you’re from.  Adidas was always meant for great things, even going by their seemingly humble origins in 1920s Germany. Dassler brothers — Adolf and Rudolf — started a … Read more

Twitter Advanced Search: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024

Are you tired of sifting through endless tweets to find that one specific gem? Is looking for your campaign tweet from 2012 exhausting? With roughly 6,000 tweets going out per second, getting vital information becomes a challenge. While Twitter’s basic search features help you get most of the job done, gathering highly specific information requires … Read more

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