Top 7 Rival IQ Alternatives For 2024

Besides quality products and impeccable customer service, having a thriving and relatable presence on social media is an absolute must today. The right strategy, creative content, and regular interaction with the audience will help you reach the right crowd, spread brand awareness, and even generate quality leads.   But as you scale these efforts, you will … Read more

Top 7 Mentionlytics Alternatives For 2024

In today’s fiercely competitive world, your business’s success isn’t guaranteed by just being superior in quality. You still need to carve a memorable niche among audiences, particularly on social media platforms. There are many online platforms and mobile-toting people. So, running engaging campaigns can be daunting. But with an extensive online presence, many big brands … Read more

12 Killer New Year Social Media Post Ideas For 2024

Are you tired of the same old New Year’s greetings flooding your social media feeds?  You know the drill – an endless stream of generic “Happy New Year” GIFs that barely rouse any excitement.  Well, it’s time to break free from the monotonous norm and elevate your social media game! Get ready to sparkle and … Read more

Top 7 Awario Alternatives For 2024

Today, a business’s social media presence is one of its biggest assets to grow in a competitive market. To scale, you must do everything you can to optimize your visibility across social networks.  Of course, as you scale, running social media campaigns and handling multiple channels manually becomes unfeasible. You need a tool that can … Read more

Top 7 Mention Alternatives For 2024

Managing your brand’s online presence and reach can be a challenging task.  Social media marketing keeps evolving with each new social app. Add to the mix the ever-changing trends, you realize you need a robust social media strategy to run successful online campaigns. The brands that get it right do so by leveraging social monitoring … Read more

25 Christmas Social Media Post Ideas You Can Steal Right Away

As Mariah Carey sings out loud, “IT’SSSS TIMEEEEEEE”! And officially commences the most wonderful time of the year.  December walks in with loads of surprises and excitement but it also brings in the pressure for brands to stand out.  Simply cladding in green and red won’t do the trick anymore. Adding baubles or crystals to … Read more

Top 7 Brand24 Alternatives For 2024

The right social media monitoring tool can change the way you run your campaigns for the better. With a simple interface, integrations with other popular platforms, and dynamic features, you can find gaps in your efforts, hop on relevant trends, and expand your social media reach.  One such platform is Brand24, a popular social listening … Read more

How To Maximize Engagement Rates For Email and Social Media Campaigns

Engagement rates have become the yardstick of success for email and social media campaigns. Imagine your favorite clothing store sending you a personalized email filled with outfits that match your style – it’s like they read your mind! You can’t resist clicking on those links, exploring the products, and making a purchase. That’s the magic … Read more

8 Social Listening Examples: How Brands Are Thriving Digital Landscape

All it takes is for one person to post a comment about your brand, products, or services on social media and suddenly, you’re the hot topic for the day. Before you know it, thousands of people are sharing their experiences to back up or contend with the original post. If the comments are positive, then … Read more

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