8 Best Marketing Newsletters To Supercharge Your Inbox

The field of marketing is both intriguing and constantly evolving. Marketers need to stay updated on new Google updates, social media updates, industry news, trends, and strategies every second day.

But do you think marketers can spare the time to search the internet for the newest marketing updates?

Certainly not!

Luckily, marketing newsletters have arrived to rescue us. These newsletters curate valuable information from the web and offer meticulously chosen insights to assist you in keeping ahead in the game.

Today in our blog, we’ll examine the top 8 marketing newsletters that you should sign up for in 2024. These newsletters, originating from top marketing experts in the industry, will help you filter information effectively to provide the necessary value. 

They include useful strategic observations and emerging marketing trends to help you maximize results and stimulate growth for your business. So, let’s get started. 

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What makes a good marketing newsletter?

Not all marketing newsletters are created equal. Many are boring and full of fluff. Conversely, some newsletters attempt to include several messages in a single email.

The result? Confused and disgruntled readers. 

A marketing newsletter can only be considered a valuable marketing knowledge asset if it offers essential insights in a well-curated way. 

Here are some of the top attributes that make a marketing newsletter better than the rest:

  • It delivers a unique value that the readers can’t get anywhere else. 
  • It leverages a laser-focused approach and pivots around the most relevant and timely topics. 
  • It includes crucial data, insights, and viewpoints that the readers can’t get on their own. 
  • It features interviews or guest contributions from renowned industry experts to provide varied expertise beyond just the core editorial team. 
  • It is relevant to the needs and interests of the readers. 

To develop a credible newsletter that people will love to subscribe to, it is essential to follow certain marketing newsletter best practices. 

8 Best marketing newsletters in 2024

Now, without any further ado, let’s look at the 8 best marketing newsletters you need in your inbox in 2024.

1. Keyhole

If you are interested in social media marketing, Keyhole is the first marketing newsletter you should subscribe to. 

This bi-monthly newsletter offers a brief summary of all current events in the social media industry. From the most recent updates on social media, including AI tools for social media, to the latest features, everything is provided in a unified location.

This newsletter covers engaging topics such as Meta Gala trends on social media, TikTok reels, Twitter ads, and much more. It is a must-have resource for anyone looking to maximize their social media strategy. 

Year it started: 2022

Frequency: Bi-monthly

Number of Subscribers: 100,000+

2. Marketing Brew

Marketing Brew is among the top publications created by the minds responsible for the popular business newsletter Morning Brew. This newsletter provides a wealth of valuable information, such as the most recent marketing industry news and trends, from Monday to Thursday.

The best part? The newsletter is crafted in an entertaining, casual, and captivating manner that makes it simple and pleasurable to read. It is the perfect blend of informative and engaging content, with the addition of some really cool GIFs and cultural nods.

This newsletter stands out for its coverage of expert opinions in the marketing industry and delves into subjects such as social media marketing, technology, influencer marketing campaigns, media, advertising, and related topics.

The extensive range offers a fantastic all-in-one summary for readers to effortlessly explore new ideas and possibilities in the marketing domain.

Year Started: 2019

Frequency: 4 times a week (Monday through Thursday)

Number of Subscribers: 50,000+

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3. Neil Patel’s Newsletter

Neil Patel is a well-known personality in the marketing world. Honestly, finding a marketer who hasn’t heard of him is a challenge. Isn’t it? 

The founder of popular tools like Answerthepublic and Ubersuggest is now famously dubbed a top web influencer. Through his years of experience, Patel has developed strategic insights that are unknown to most. He generously shares these insights and lessons in his free weekly newsletter. 

Neil Patel’s newsletter covers everything from tactics to boost SEO and link-building campaigns to developing content marketing strategies for email. Every edition offers fresh strategies that go beyond surface-level advice, helping marketers attain measurable results. 

The tone is straightforward yet engaging, making digesting critical marketing knowledge fun. It is an excellent resource for professionals looking to maximize their SEO and marketing skills. 

Year Started: 2015

Frequency: Weekly

Number of Subscribers: 1 million+

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4. TL;DR Marketing

If you are looking for a quick, easily digestible newsletter to stay informed about the newest marketing updates, look no further.

The TL;DR newsletter offers a concise overview of the latest digital marketing updates delivered in easily consumable titbits. Ideal for busy marketers, it offers updates without any distractions. The format is highly scannable, making it effortless to stay up-to-date.

The newsletter covers the newest insights on SEO marketing, email marketing for lead generation, paid advertising, social media, and more. Readers can even choose specific topics of interest to further declutter the email space.

All in all, the newsletter’s minimalist style, which saves valuable time, and its tight focus on all facets of digital marketing make it a great resource for marketers worldwide.

Year Started: 2018

Frequency: Daily

Number of Subscribers: 1 million+

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5. The Daily Carnage

Carney+Co. is a renowned digital marketing agency, specializing in design and development for web and mobile. A while ago, the company started its own newsletter to empower marketers with all the latest updates in the marketing world. 

Ideal for leaders and marketing nerds, this newsletter aims to keep you highly informed. From leading marketing tactics to valuable tools, each edition provides the readers with exclusive, hand-picked marketing content. 

Additionally, the diverse mix of concise write-ups, infographics, videos, podcast clips, polls, and more makes it easier to digest important content. 

The condensed summaries and commentaries also cater to the needs of time-pressed marketers. 

Year Started: 2017

Frequency: Daily

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6. Marketing Examples

Harry Dry is among the most loved marketers on social media. He demonstrates his expertise by sharing fun and engaging case studies of different brands in his weekly newsletter. 

Every week, he shares two short brand examples, two helpful copywriting tips, and an interesting tweet, making the message brief yet powerful. 

All the real-world examples coming from an experienced marketer make it easier for everyone to understand and implement the learnings. 

Year Started: 2019

Frequency: Weekly

Number of Subscribers: 130,000+

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7. Everyone Hates Marketers

Created by Louis Greiner, this newsletter offers no-nonsense advice on the contrarian perspectives of marketing. It explores some of the most popular yet less-talked-about concepts like smarter communication, creating a powerful brand voice, excellence through restraint, and more. 

Louis is a podcaster who draws his experience from interviews with 160+ brands. The newsletter covers his deep insights and actionable methods to stand out in the highly crowded digital space. The tone is straightforward and candid, something that works well for busy marketers. 

Frequency: Daily (Monday through Friday)

Number of Subscribers: 13,000+

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8. Growthnotes

Growthnotes is the ideal newsletter for you if want to expand your marketing knowledge horizon and inspire your own strategy with hand-picked, meticulously analyzed case studies. 

Offered by the team at inBeat, this newsletter is great for eCommerce marketers. It covers topics such as eCommerce trends, growth and optimization strategies, customer engagement tactics, and more. 

The best part about this newsletter is that instead of covering everything at once, it focuses on just one or two key themes and provides detailed information on them. 

Every tactic is followed up with a real-world example, making it easier for marketers to apply the knowledge. Additionally, the team at inBeat provides strategic recommendations and exclusive analysis of marketing campaigns instead of sharing links to generic articles, making it even more valuable. 

Frequency: Weekly

Number of Subscribers: 70,000+

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Staying on top of the current marketing news and trends is important for success. However, with so many resources available online, choosing the best one can get overwhelming. 

Our recommendations for the top 8 marketing newsletters can help you filter out the noise and benefit from authentic advice. Keyhole newsletter, delivered straight to your inbox, is a clear winner, bringing you curated social media tips and techniques from the top industry marketers.

Author bio

Kamna is a data-driven marketing analyst focusing on delivering measurable results. She brings a keen understanding of SEO and email marketing to the table and is skilled at leveraging data to optimize campaigns for maximum ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are marketing newsletters?

Marketing newsletters are regularly distributed email communications that provide subscribers with valuable content related to marketing. They are typically created by industry experts, companies, or organizations to share the latest trends, tips, strategies, news, and insights in the field of marketing.

2. How do I choose the right marketing newsletter for my needs?

Consider your specific interests and needs within marketing, such as social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, or content marketing. Look for newsletters that offer high-quality, relevant content and come from reputable sources or industry experts.

3. How often will I receive the marketing newsletters?

The frequency of newsletters can vary. Some may be daily, while others might be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. It's important to check the frequency before subscribing to ensure it matches your preference and schedule.

4. Can I unsubscribe from a marketing newsletter if I find it unhelpful?

Yes, you can unsubscribe from any marketing newsletter at any time. Most newsletters include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email, making it easy to opt out if you no longer find the content useful or relevant.