The Social Media Strategy Template [+ Download & 5 Examples]

Creating a social media strategy takes time to research and write, but not all digital marketers have enough hours in the week. Altering existing strategies can be difficult, too. The online landscape — be it platforms or audiences — continuously changes and forces the need to refine new tactics. Download our free social media strategy … Read more

15 Traits Every Successful Social Media Manager Should Have

Christmas for most is presents and jingles, but for Social Media Marketers, it’s a season of frenzy. Social Media is brand’s top choice to engage and celebrate holiday season with their customers. Here’s Keyhole’s roundup of the most noteworthy christmas hashtag campaigns.

LinkedIn Engagement Rate Calculator + 8 Tips To Increase It

To scale your business, you need to grow your professional network in your industry. Here, LinkedIn is the best option for you.  The platform boasts about 875 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.  This wide audience pool of industry experts and professionals can effectively introduce you to your target audience. It … Read more

Twitter Engagement Rate Calculator + 6 Tips To Increase It

One common thing about every top brand in the current market is their active presence on Twitter. With over 237.8 million active daily users, this microblogging network has become a brand favorite for marketing.  Twitter boasts a vast range of 500 million daily tweets and can help your brand reach a wide set of audience. … Read more

5 Valuable Hashtag Marketing Strategies Proven To Engage Audiences

Using hashtags effectively goes beyond casually plugging them into your tweets and posts. On platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, calculated hashtag marketing can boost impressions, make your content more searchable and encourage users to talk about your brand. Learning how to leverage tagged topics should be a priority for marketers. Here are five hashtag … Read more

16 Social Listening Strategies To Incorporate Into Business Strategy

With more than 4 billion active social media users around the world, your social listening strategy can help you tune in. Then, you’ll be able to monitor what your customers are saying about your business across a variety of platforms.  This allows you to listen to your customer base, learn more about them and interact … Read more

10 Proven Strategies To Increase Engagement On Facebook In 2023

As a social media marketer, if you’ve been worried about the low Facebook engagement rate, you’re not alone. The recent changes in Facebook’s algorithms have got marketers sweating due to the consistent decline of organic reach.  What’s more, organic posts just reach 5.5% of your Facebook page followers. This has led an increasing number of … Read more

Netflix’s Winning Social Media Strategy: A Deep Dive

Did you know — Netflix has 223.09 million paying subscribers as of the 3rd quarter of 2022? As the most popular on-demand streaming service, it’s no secret that Netflix has played a huge role in the entertainment industry. But beyond their top-notch content, they’ve also made a name for themselves on social media.  In this … Read more

Top Iconosquare Alternatives For 2023 

As a marketer, how do you stay on top of all your social media marketing tasks?  Let’s think about all the jobs social media marketers have to complete each day: starting from creating and publishing content to analysis and reporting.  Thankfully, there are social media management tools to streamline your workflow, help save your time, … Read more

Top Emplifi Alternatives For Marketers And Social Media Agencies

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. And when it comes to comparing two marketing strategies or campaigns, numbers and data speak volumes, don’t they? It is a no-brainer that any modern marketing agency or a marketer, for that matter, needs an arsenal of tools under their belt to create, publish, monitor, and analyze their … Read more

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